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Day 23 after surgery

Hi there

I have had a night of feeling hot and cold but the pain is getting worse around my tummy area. It has been over three weeks so not too longer ago since the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. I saw my GP yesterday who signed me off for another week and given me stronger painkillers. I honestly don't know what to do. The pain got better and I went to work this week for four days but it has got as nearly as bad as when I had surgery three weeks ago. Would anyone know why that is and also what to do? Thank you so much in advance xx

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You should go back to gp or try to contact your gynea team. U may have an infection. Hope u feel better soon


I would definitely go back as I got worse pain and high temperatures at night turned out I had infection. This was weeks after surgery as well.

Good luck xx


Thank you both so much! Really appreciate you replying. Xx

I had to go to hospital last night as the pain got steadily worse and couldn't hold food down - hadn't been able to for over 48 hours.

They checked everything and said it was still healing. It's so frustrating as I didn't imagine it would take this long to heal :( xx

Am still in pain today so will monitor it and if need be see my GP.


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