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Up All Night!

Hi, I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy almost 3 weeks ago and got diagnosed with aggressive, advanced endometriosis over my uterus, right fallopian tube and right ovary. For the last 5 nights I've been going to the toilet more than normal. Last night was a record 5 times!! I'm exhausted! I saw my GP on Monday and she checked my wee for infection but there wasn't any (given a 3 day course of Trimethoprim just in case). I've Googled "Endometriosis and frequent urination" and there could be a link. Does anybody else suffer from this? Could do with some advice on how I could try and make it a bit more bearable!!! X

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Look up interstitial cystitis, nothing to do with UTI but chronic inflammation of the inner lining of the bladder. I was diagnosed with it by cystoscopy and bladder distension. Its not curable but can be kept under control with meds. If you have endo then you are more than likely to have IC as well. I have both!!


I'll Google that tonight, thank you xxx


I suffer the same and yes it's linked I have endo covering all my major organs including my bladder and rectum, I'm suffering since I was 15yrs old I am now 40. I'm stage 4/4 of severe form of endo. I found that this natural remedy helps me reduce the frequently of toilet trips (plus I'm also diabetic) drink 8ounce glass of mixed water with lemon juice half water & half lemon juice. You will need to do this nightly. It helps me and I hope it helps you, or alternatively you can ask your doctor for a prescription of pills like anticholinergic and spasm-relieving drugs.


I'll give anything a go! I feel like I've got a hangover! I must be so dehydrated but I don't want to drink too much incase I have a repeat performance tonight!!

Thanks for your tip xxx

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Also try to keep body hydrated in between throughout the day may want to drink gaterade or something with electrolytes.


Hi nic,

Before my operation I didn't have a problem with my bladder it was left sided pain back pain lower and middle and bowel problems! However after I had treatment my bladder was particularly uncomfortable I was advised it was proberly a bit upset at being poked and prodded around.... Which made sense also I had diathermy on the outside of my bladder as it was covered in superficial endo..

I m now 15 months post surgery and although it's not gone completly it has improved and I don't have the urgency to pee however it's still uncomfortable.

my other pain that was pretty constant lower back pelvic and mid back is life changing I had forgotten what it was like to not be in pain!

But the answer is yes the chances are it is related to endo but also needs time to settle down after surgery.

Big hugs Sharon. X


Ah thank you Sharon, been drinking decaf tea today and hoping for a more restful sleep tonight!! X


Okay so the decaf drinks seem to be making a difference! Still having to go during the night but thankfully not 5 times!!


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