Ultrasound, endometriosis??

I've been having pelvic pain mostly on my right side and occasionally on my left for the last 5 to 6 months, the pain is more of a sharp pulling sensation, and it's not so bad that I can't function, it's more of just uncomfortable, I've also had other symptoms like passing flesh in my menstruation, really bad digestion every other month, gas, and now occasional pressure during sex. I've also haven't been able to conceive In The last year. These to me seem like symptoms of endometriosis, I recently had an ultrasound and the doctor said that it came out clear, and everything looks good on gynae side, and that maybe it's an appendix issue. I'm not convinced because my symptoms revolve around my cycle they get worse at ovulation and menstruation time and non existent to mild at other times. My initial thoughts were either I have endo or I have PID, can ultrasound show signs of endometriosis or PID or would I need further investigation to rule those out?

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  • hi i have the same symptoms as u have a ultrasound scan of my abdomen an it did show the thick linning of the endo wall an i now have minor pains as i started the Depo shot with light spotting an no pain at times well last nite was my real first horrible bent over awful pain an i dont know what to say cause i did my paps an a poylops an the came back good so i hope this helps i am so tired an lost too :(

  • I had a transvaginal ultrasound, but now I think I should push for laproroscopy

  • All my ultrasounds were clear and they can be but it doesn't mean you don't have endo it just means it can be deep or too small to be seen on a ultrasound,definitely push for a Gynae referral x

  • If your endo is rectro-vaginal (outside of the uteus area) it isn't detected, having said that it may be in your uterus and they just haven't been able to see it, due to them not being a specialist. I suggest you ask for an internal scan from your gp, a referral to the hospital, abdominal scans are not as high res. It sounds like endo to me, I'd push for the scan. You can always ask for a direct referral to your local endo clinic too. I have stage 4 rectro-vaginal deep infiltrated Endometriosis. Basically I have ebdo in the PoD rectum bowel intestines, I developed gerd and upper quadrant pain in the abdomen. Thy found my endo via scan because I had Endometriomas (blood filled/chocolate cysts) in my uterus and encasing my ovaries, I also have organ binding which wasn't detected until I had a laparoscopy.

    You know your own body push for the things you feel are right the professionals can be wrong and it happens much more than you would think! Most girls wait 7-10 years for diagnosis and are often misdiagnosed for a long time with things like IBS or they are simply dismissed as period pain. Paracetamol isn't the answer to everything these are our lives they are playing with stand your ground hun and talk to us, we'll get you through the darkest days xx

  • I forgot to mention that it was a transvaginal ultrasound, I have another appointment today, maybe I should ask for a laparoscopy, 

  • Is it a general gynae your seeing? He may propose the lap just to have a look...

    If during any discussion that isn't with an endo specialist they mention anything endo related its at that point you complete the appointment and go straight to the gp and ask for the referral to the endo clinic. Its not worth the risk full excision is the only route back to full health xx

  • I also wonder if it's common for menstruation to be regular with endometriosis, my menstruation cycle is regular, and it's not heavy, I don't generally get pain while on my period usually just regular cramps the first day and then that's it, I feel like thay may be why my doctors are ruling out endometriosis. My previous doctor told me that I didn't have anything and to just take some pain killers.

  • Not so, my periods at one point were regular, like 22 days bang its here. My consultant said to me just 2 weeks ago periods are a very small factor in Endometriosis they act more of a symptom that a cause xx

  • I have had endomoteriosis for many years now and my periods were always regular. 28 days. Perfect. You should also know that ultrasound doesnt show Endometriosis, a bitt better is MRI scan but also with somebody who is very experienced reading results of endometriosis. If you are in UK, please ask refferal to a specialist center. Nobody else knows anything about endo. Even if you will get a lap, it is super important that it is done by endo specialist not by any surgeon. Otherwise it is waisted time, money and your suffering.

  • Hi endo very rarely shows on scans . You know your body better than anyone, if you feel something isn't right then push for lap to find out one way or another. Good luck.

  • I agree with Jean. If endo showed up every time on ultrasound we'd have a great diagnostic tool! Only cysts, nodules or thick adhesions might show up on ultrasound. MRI is better but laparoscopy is definitive and is currently the only way to confirm with certainty.

    I'd steer clear of that gynae if I were you. Suggesting that it might be your appendix is absurd given your symptoms.

  • Also have a look at Lindle's post about treatment pathways so you know where you stand healthunlocked.com/endometr... It sounds to me as though you need to think about getting referred properly.

    Click on Lindle's name to see her excellent posts on how to get referred, pouch of douglas endo and much more.

  • I'm not sure how to get to a endometriosis specialist, my doctors appointment today went just how I thought it would go, she asked about my symptoms I told her about my concerns, but as soon as I said my cycles were regular and no pain while on my period she said there's no way it could be endometriosis, she also said no way I have PID since I've never had an STD. She said it's probably just normal PMS pain and ovulation pains, and I've just noticed them more since I'm trying to conceive. Then she skipped right on to fertility testing. I don't know who to go to, but I really need for someone to take me seriously.

  • Again look at Lindle posts on how to find and get a referral to a specialist 

  • You should definately find another doctor, she is not good.

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