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Higher up pains??

Having fairly consistent pain under right lung and rib cage that all radiate up my back and front and in the middle under my ribcage and the left side sometimes. Hurts by my right kidney too. This pain tends to be worse in the mornings.

Have been having these for 5 years now and was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, they found a small bit in my womb.

Could the higher up with pains be endometriosis? Does anyone have similar experiences? Xx

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Yes!! Me!! Went to A & E before Christmas thinking it was my appendix about to burst! (It wasn't). They thought it might be kidney stones (it wasn't). They said "we dunno, see what you gynae says". Lap shows nothing except small cyst, so they recommended I ask my GP for an ltrasound of my gallbladder.

That has been scheduled for the 13th, so fingers crossed it shows something as I can feel something going on in there, different to my usual 'uterus region' pain & it's annoying the crap out of me!

is your under-rib pain linked to when you normally felt your endo pain?


Ah me too! Had 2 a and e trips one for chest pains and the other for under ribcage. Literally had every ultra sound including them checking my bladder and everything looked fine to them on the tests so still no idea why it's happening.

My higher up pains are my worst pains by far and I think they're kind of in correlation with my periods which is what makes me think it's still the endo. My womb pain was never that bad so when they cut out the endo they found in my womb I thought everything would go away but it hasn't.

Good luck for the gall bladder test and let me know how it goes! Xx


Me three!!! I was diagnosed with mild endo in December 2010. Had my gallbladder out the November before and when I had my lap I explained the pain and the gynae consultant/surgeon apparently put the camera up and around my gallbladder area to check but said it was healing ok and didn't say there was endo.

I would say it is a constant niggle in my right rib area, that spreads round my back and at certain times of the month, some mornings and if I am stressed it hurts more and radiates down my whole side, to my toes!! Some days it's almost feels like my organs are stuck to my ribs.

I have had an ultrasound and nothing but we know that endo doesn't always show on those. I don't want more surgery at this point but was wondering if I should insist on an MRI scan as I see some people have had these and endo has been seen.

Re: gallbladder removal, I ended up having two large stones hence the removal. It helped a little but obviously not the answer to my pain and I wonder if the removal site has caused adhesions and endo to stick??


Hi ladies, I think this could be endo on the diaphram but i dont think you can diagnose without surgery... it may not be, but somthing to look into hey xx


Im the same as the rest of you ladies. Constantly have pain around liver and gallbladder area that radiates to right side and into right shoulder blade. Recently had excision of endo on both ureters, pouch of douglas and ovaries but surgeon said he looked around liver area and all fine.

Had 2 ultra sound scans, 2 CT scans, 2 Endoscopies (under 2 differernt gastro depts. in 2 different hospitals as not getting results) everything keeps coming back clear and getting to the end of my tether. Pain is worst when im sitting down and eases slightly if I lie down.

Am looking into privately having an MRI scan but not sure if this could be a waste of time, also possibly doing a private hormone test where you do a sample of saliva every 3 days for whole month as a friend said that hormones can put pressure on the liver and a hormone blood test if done at wrong time of month wont necessarily show anything.

Don't know if any of this helps but sounds like we are all going through the same thing


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