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Diagnosis 😟


Diagnosis worse than first thought, endo has caused severe damage to bowels and both ovaries, appendix stuck to ovaries and they did say spread somewhere else, just couldn't take it all in.

I can barely hold my bowels and can't apply for anymore jobs since loosing my last one because pain is constant..

They've put me bk on the pill , nefopan, paracetamol, ibuprofen and sertraline for depression because really not coping. Basically said it will be hard to conceive cos damage tht bad 😔

I'm lucky as already have three teenage girls but some days can barely walk or get out of bed.

Feel like I'm letting my kids down because constantly tired or in pain.

Really need some help 🙁

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Oh dear. Sorry you're having a bad time. Now they've told you all the bad news have they talked about treatment? Sounds like you need a really skilled surgeon do an excision of all the endo and adhesions caused.


No not really said much gynaecologist discharged me. Found all this out from gp.

Been referred to bowel specialist urgently, but wouldn't of known anything without going to see doc about the pain.

Hope you are well x


I'm in pain like you. But now waiting to see BSGE specialist as from reading here I realise I need that team approach. I'm guessing your gynae was just a general gynae and not at a BSGE clinic? As well as bowel referral ask GP to refer you your nearest BSGE clinic for endo treatment. They may not know they exist so find out all the details you can to pass on

See Lindles posts on treatment pathways to help.

Good luck

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I will do thankyou, think the nearest to me is cottingham, so need to get bk on the rd.

Good luck aswell



Agree with others . Get to an ENDO specialist . Do not let any GYN cut into you .

You don't want to end up with a bag to go to the bathroom

I watched the tales where ppl had severe endo suck as yourself .

It is possible for an expert to get all the endo out .

And a good bowel surgeon should be in the surgery room


I'm glad you had your babies first

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I meant Tape

I watched a video tape


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