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Advice on whether I should see my GP


I just wanted to get some advice before I go and bother my GP, and be made to feel like I am wasting their time.

This is the second time now I have had the symptoms of period after my period has finished (it finished last month round about the 24th August or so); my periods have always been regular and I have never missed one, but increasingly they have become heavy and last for about four to five days. My symptoms persist of a pain in the lower left hand side of my stomach, my left hip, brown discharge (which in the past I have worn a pad for as I was convinced my period was starting as there was discharge on the tissue), depression like I normally get around the type of my period, downstairs itching and leg pain. I find my legs twitch when I am tired, but I don't think this is related to this, and has gotten better since I cut down on wheat products. I have found this month that I also don't seem to have an appetite, in that I don't really feel hungry and when I do eat I feel bloated. I also feel tired most of the time and am suffering headaches behind the eyes with a sensitivity to sound (the announcements on the tube, people whistling, alarms and sirens, shrill kids and loud laughter, sneezing, traffic). I have also felt that prior to my period there has been a lump in my left hand side, but the doctor thinks that this was muscular due to no obstruction to my periods, and the fact that nothing was found on ultrasound (carried out by a miserable woman who acted as if my concerns were wasting her time as she didn't find my womb was being eaten by an infection), which has made me loath to go back and see my GP again. I have also noticed anal blood on bowel evacuation.

Medically I don't really have any other health issues - I don't drink or smoke. I don't use recreational drugs or have any substance abuse problems. I have taken amitriptyline for migraine, and have suffered depression in the past caused by bullying (both at school and at work) and relationship breakdown and had medication twice for it. I'm not currently taking amitriptyline or prophylactic drugs for headaches. I do suffer a dairy and egg intolerance, probably a wheat and\or gluten intolerance, and am allergic to bites and stings. In the family history my mother suffered from endometriosis and had a marina coil inserted, as a child I remember her having an operation to "have some cells zapped", but I know little more about this. All my smear tests have come back normal.

I am wondering given all of this whether I should go back and see my GP. I don't want them to think I am a crazy nut who is wasting their time.

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You are not crazy. It sounds like you could have a cyst on you ovary, but whether it's due to endo or just a normal cyst that can come and go with periods, as many women get, there is no way of knowing.

Trust your instincts. No one knows your body better than you. With a history of endo in the family I would ask for a referral to a gynaecologist preferably one at a BSGE centre who specialise in endo.


Considering your family history, left side pain, bleed irregularities and blood in stools I'd definitely go to your GP. These are flags and they need to look further. Did they do a vaginal (internal) ultrasound?


I agree that you need to go back to your GP and ask for some treatment - can you see a different one at the practice, if one has already refused?

This could be all sorts of things, mostly not awful, but I'm surprised they didn't do an ultrasound to check for cysts, fibroids, or anything else more obvious that can be ruled out. If it's endo, alone, they won't see anything with an ordinary ultrasound scan, but may see some if they include a transvaginal scan - ask for this at the scan?? Also various other tests could / should be done.

I can't believe they made you feel like you were wasting their time. I've had rogue periods on 3 occasions and they've always sent me for a scan - maybe 'cos I was older, or as they already knew I had endo by then. But, whatever, it's not good enough to ignore it: go back and try again ... maybe take someone with you as witness /moral support?

Good luck.

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