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Endometriosis/Adeno with IUD

Hi all,

Was diagnosed with 3.2cm adeno thru ultrasound last year. Periods started getting worse where I was rushed to ER 3 times and admitted. Was put under Microgynon to control the symptoms which made me feel worse. Started vomitting during periods and pain didnt get better. I suspected I had endo as well but my doc kept insisting ultrasound didnt show it. After fiance fought with the doc, she finally sent me for a diagnostic lap 3 weeks ago where it was discovered I had stage 3 endo. I KNOW RIGHT!

Mirena was inserted during the lap and now I am having severe abdominal cramps for the past 2 weeks every single day despite not having my period. I almost passed out while teaching my students. Is this normal? How long does it take before the pain subsides? Currently, I am on paracetamol and synflex to control the pain. I read somewhere that it could be a sign that my body is rejecting the iud:( Should i remove it? Please advise.

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