Pain while trying to conceive

Hi all,

The last few years I've been on either the pill (microgynon) or had the mirena coil to suppress my endo symptoms.

Last month I came off it completely to start trying for a baby, and the pain has come back very quickly - intense pain on the left side of my pelvis, awful alternating diarrhoea & constipation, ridiculous tiredness, and the 'poker up the bum' sensation in particular.

Does anyone have any experience of the best way to deal with pain and symptoms while trying for a baby? My doctor has just advised ibuprofen, which doesn't even touch the pain! I'm also on a dairy-free, low-fibre diet.

I'm just struggling to get through the work day at the moment.

Thanks x

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Anti inflammatory Suppositories helped me best. Ask your GP x


Thank you! I will definitely ask about that this week x


Would you mind me asking you where your endo is? Also TTC myself after a year of no luck with endo and cysts being the cause im guessing! Just wanted to see what youve been told/advised to help with conceieving :) x ps.... hot water bottle is my only slight relief of the hot poker!!!


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