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Trying to conceive after surgery.


Hi Everyone, this may be a long post so sorry in advance! 😆

I had surgery to remove a nodule of endo that was sitting between uterus and bladder in June 2014. It turned out to be quite major surgery as the endo at infiltrated the bladder wall, so to remove completely, part of my bladder was removed also. Fortunately my recover was very good, I did 3 months of prostap following the surgery and my periods returned at the end of November 2014, and they were totally pain free, which has been life changing!

So our issue now is having a baby...I'm fortunate that my ovaries and tubes are not damaged, no other evidence of endo, all hormone blood test are normal and my husband has good sperm.

So today my period has shown its ugly head on time, 😥 I know it's only been 3 months of trying but I'm massively concerned that the endo may come back while we're trying.

Am I right to be concerned? Or just stressing unnecessarily? How long did it take any of you ladies to conceive following surgery?

Another thing, I have been discharged from my NHS consultant and he advised trying for 6 months then go back, but that would mean re-referral and on the infertility waiting list!!!!

Sorry for long post, any advice or words of wisdom would be great! Thanks xxx

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Hi Hun

I'm in the same boat as you. Had a lap April 2014, which didn't bring me relief pain wise.

Also trying for our first bby, and praying for a BFP. I do get down when my periods come as well, so I know how you feel.

What concerns me is that my pain is always the first week of the two week waits, so I worry that my womb is not nice, warm and friendly for implantation. I'm on the waiting list for fertility treatment, so hoping they can help us.

Thank you for your reply, really sorry to hear that you are still in so much pain. Before my surgery the pain was unbareable, coupled with not conceiving was really stressful. So right now I do realize how lucky I am to be pain free.

I'm a bit unsure about what to do really, do I leave it another few months or do I bite the bullet and see my GP with the view of being referred again. As my surgery was quite complicated I was referred from my local hospital to another more specialized consultant but they were Gynae and urology not fertility.

I'm concerned that if I leave it 6 months, then wait another 6 months for referral that the endo may come back!

How long have you waiting on fertility list if you don't mind me asking? And what treatment are you considering? X

Really push your GP to be referred to a fertility department within the NHS.

That is what I did. I pestered him, and he could see how distressing it was to me. I really made him understand that I'm between a rock and a wall. The intensity, timing and chronic nature of the pain just makes it so much more complicated than for a regular couple. And in my case, not only do I have endo, I also have PCOS.

I just feel that women who have any of these conditions should be seen ASAP. What's the point of them asking you to wait and try on your own, and then wait again when referred.

They might as well refer you now and cut it short.

Sometimes the NHS just doesn't make sense.

Hi I had a lap in June 2014 and was told they could only guarantee pain relief for one year and suggested I get pregnant. I also had clear tubes.I came off the pill one month after surgery however as I was still in recovery the pain was too strong to contemplate sex. We started trying properly in October and in the first week of January I found out i was pregnant. All is going well with the baby. Unfortunately and this is not the same for everyone, my endo grows quickly and it seems the organs that were stuck together and had to be separated in my last surgery have refused causing pain as my baby grows. But my baby is absolutley fine. My advice is to start trying now. But do not stress over it. I was also told to try for 6 months and then get help but fortunately I am overjoyed to say I did not need help. I hope you are as lucky

, forget about the endo and try to get pregnant any consequences you can deal with later. Good luck.

Joey_Eds13 in reply to kitty270

Thank you for your reply and congrats on your baby news! It's always encouraging to hear positive stories. I think we need to keep trying for another few months and then go from there. I have to remember it's only been 3 months of active trying since surgery and prostap. Trouble is we were a year of TTC before my surgery, so it feels like forever...

Like you say I have to forget about the endo, because in reality my surgery was successful in terms of pain management so fingers crossed we get our BFP soon.

Thanks again and lots of luck for your pregnancy. Xxx

Hi, you probably know all this anyway, but track your periods. There are some useful free apps for your phone. After you track a few, you will get a better picture of your ovulation, but you know your body anyway. You should be aiming to have sex on days 9, 11, 13, and fifteen as a minimum! Told my consultant I may have to get someone in when he told me this yesterday! Good luck and try not to stress over it. I know it's hard.

Joey_Eds13 in reply to squancy

Thank you replying. My periods are pretty regular, slightly longer since the prostap though. I've gone from a 29 day cycle to 31-32 days and ovulate around day 16/17. And yes like you say some apps are really helpful. Also using OPK's which are helpful. I've also started to take noticing of other signs like cervical mucus, and around ovulation it seems the fertile type. Who knew it would be so technical!!! Ha!

Good luck to you also. Xxx

Is that generally what happens? Is it a case of have the laparoscopy and then go home and try for 6 months before being referred for fertility treatment if you're unsuccessful in getting pregnant naturally?

I'm waiting for my lap to laser away endo at the moment, but the hospital have told me it won't be until around June, so it could be quite some time before I'm even considered for fertility treatment should I need it (which I suspect I probably will - call it a gut feeling). I feel like time is marching on and the whole process just takes so long.

Best wishes to you all.

Joey_Eds13 in reply to discobec

I think it depends on the severity of the endo and the likelihood of natural conception. I guess if both tubes are blocked or ovaries are damaged quite badly then I think they'd refer for the most appropriate fertility treatment.

However some people with severe endo do conceive without intervention, and others with minimal disease struggle. Endometriois is still such a mystery!

In my case the consultant that did my surgery felt that I'd have a good chance of conceiving naturally, that's why he suggested 6 months of trying before any intervention. So watch this space...fingers crossed!!!

Good luck to you


I had a laparoscopy in Nov 2013 after finding a lump due to endo being in the pouch of Douglas (I'd ignored all my period problems since starting at 11 as l am somewhat of a prude!). Following surgery, and taking provera for 6 months to stop periods, we started trying to conceive in June 2014. It took 6 months and we were delighted but remained apprehensive, unfortunately at 12 weeks pregnant, I had a missed miscarriage and lost our baby on Monday. On a positive note, we know we can conceive and there are many endo sufferers out there who do have successful pregnancies, there is nothing to suggest my endo played a part and we will be trying again once we are ready. I'm nearly 33.

Joey_Eds13 in reply to Jakey26

I'm really sorry for your loss, it must be heartbreaking. Thank you for replying, we're going to keep trying until we reach the 6 month mark then seek advice if nothing's happened. It is encouraging to hear that many ladies do become pregnant without any intervention, fingers crossed I'll be one of them. I'm 27 nearly so I've got a bit time on my side. 😊

Wishing you lots of love in dealing with your loss and luck for when you feel ready to try again xxx

Jakey26 in reply to Joey_Eds13

Thank you, it has been very difficult but we know there is still hope we can conceive again. I wish you lots of luck too xxx

Hi Joey_ed13 I am in the same position as yourself! Desperate for a baby! I'm 23 and just had surgery to remove my endo in November, got put on zoladex (not sure if it's the same as what you got put on) for 3 months and has my last injection in January so actually looking forward to my period coming back so we can start trying!! How long did your period take to come back? Everyone is different and my gynecologist said it would be 1/2 months, do you not have a follow up with your gynecologist after your surgery? I have one in April/May to see how I'm getting on and if we've had any luck conceiving, like most people I've read on here and what I've been told is to try for 6 months and then they will do further tests, you always think it'll happen straight away and hope it will but it can take women without endo long enough to conceive so I suppose we just have to be patient! I'm all ready to go with ovulation kits etc and I'm lucky enough that my periods have always been regular so hoping this will help as well to keep track of my best days. I hope things work out for you! X

Thank you for your reply. My last Prostap was August and my periods came back in November. And like you my periods have always been regular and now they are pain free, which is amazing. My last appt with Gynae was in September, and thats when they discharged me, with the advice to try for 6 months and if no joy then get re referred. Good luck to you xxx

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