Scared nervous n emosh

Morning people. I can't shift this nervous feeling and im feeling quite emotional today. Tomorrow is my first appt at a registered BSGE centre. After being diagnosed for 11yrs and being at my old hospital for 8 of them i needed advise about what to do next so i got referred but now i am scared. Its the what to expect and what they are going to say. Im so emotional at min i hopw i dont cry. I need help i need answers. My partners the best but he says not be nervous but i cant seem to shift it. Am i being stupid. What normally happens on first appt its been a long time since my first appt at a new hospital. Xx

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Best of luck with your appointment,I have 1 coming up & would love to hear how you get on.

Try to have everything written down so you can refer back to it. It's hard remembering everything, take notes if you can. You may surprise yourself at the appointment x

It's a bit nerve wracking if you don't know what to expect I'm sure. Just try and remind yourself that going to this specialist will get you some answers. Maybe everybody is different depending on symptoms. During my first appointment, I was just asked about my medical history, the history and timeline of gynae symptoms (don't spare the gory details, the more specific you are the better), and the gynae did an internal exam (poking around down below to feel for lumps, bumps or where pain is worse during palpating). After that, he decided to refer me for scans and blood tests and booked me for a follow up appointment.

If your thoughts are racing, write them down. It will remind you what to say to the doctor. And remember to breathe-and I mean thinking about that air filling up your lungs and breathing it out until you squeeze all the air out. Breathing is good for you and distracts your racing thoughts. X

Hope that helps and good luck on the first day on your journey to recovery! X

Thank u both for your replies. I hadnt even thought about writing my history down n i have a lot!!! I will let u know dabba76 xxx

Is this your first appointment. Some clinics have you see the specialists nurse first. So you may or may not see the consultant. Have a list written down is the only way to remember every thing.

Hope it all goes well for you

Its my first one at a bsge centre yes.! I am travelling over 2 and 1/2 hours so hoping i have more than a ten min appt. Im writing everything down now x

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