Getting scared now :(

Ops on tuesday to remove the endormetriosis not having til till tea time ish because he only operates at night. Give me foot surgery any day tummy ops are the worst so nervous and had a bad experience when i had it done in 2011 although was a diff consultant so im hoping it will be better this time just dreading it :(. Keep trying to think positive but its not working argh help

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  • Wish u all the best! And good luck u will be fine xxxx

  • Wish you good luck with your op. I'm waiting for a date for my hysterectomy and feel nervous already. It's not nice that you have to wait all day. Try a selection of books music sudoku crosswords magazine's etc. Hope time goes quickly waiting and recovery is swift

  • Thanks both of you...i just dont like tummy ops there the worst for me i feel specially when you wake up from the anaesthetic and try eating bleurgh. I plan to get up have some toast in the morning and plenty of water then at 12 when i can no longer eat im going to try going back to sleep for a bit or at least shut my eyes and hope the time goes quick till 3 when my mum will be coming to take me to the hosp eeek. I much prefer morning ops get it out of the way and all that x

  • Good Luck

    Take care

    Persil xx

  • I've had 3 afternoon surgeries now and totally understand where you are coming from. For the last 2 I actually stayed up all night and cleaned my home, washing, ironing, cooked food to put in freezer for my meals on returning home and then packed my bag. The time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go to hospital. I would recommend it as a great distraction for you, plus you sleep well after surgery too! xx

  • Sleeping isnt too much of an issue its once im awake but hoping my plan works not had an afternoon surgery since i had a cervix op then when i had lap in 2011 erugh they should all be made to do morning surgeries its only fair. and the not eating or drinking is an issue coz when i know i cant i want to lol. Cant eat after 12 but they have changed it said i can drink till 4 which is when i get admitted but not sure i want to risk it might be sick

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