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I'm new, and a bit scared


I came off the pill 6 months ago, but only havelose dried blood every 4-5 weeks for a day or so, no real blood yet. during that first day I have agonising pain through my pelvis and back until I poo or fart (sorry I am a lady I promise)! The pain is so sharp it makes me feel sick or sometimes I pass out. This time the pain still there, not as severe but has now been there for 7 days.

I'm zonked, have back ache a lot and am so grumpy. My first tests showed low estrogen levels, my transvaginal scan showed thickening to neck of womb and she couldn't progress so she suggested endo. My sister has endo and mum has similar symptoms but was never diagnosed. I had the same pain 10 years ago when I went on the pill.

Dr wants to wait until day 21 of the next cycle to do the blood test for endo.

Anyone else have the bottom pain after their period has finished? I've had to take time off and my boss seems to think I'm being a wimp as it's just period pain!!

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What blood test is there for endo? So sorry to hear about your pain.



So great to hear from you guys this morning

She says she has to complete CA125 before she can refer me. I think she just wants more of an indication as it's unusual to have no real period and have endo.

It's all so emotionally draining. My grandad died from bowel cancer so I freak out every time I have the pains, even though I have none of the symptoms.



Hi - there isn't a blood test for endo but it's probably a CA125 they are proposing. This is not specific and won't prove anything. Are you in the uk and if so what area?


Yes it's that one along with hormone levels again. We are in West Sussex x


How old are you, when did you start with contraceptives and did you stop 6 months ago after a long time?


Just turned 34 and had been on the pill for 10 years.


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