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Waiting time after post op and best contraception if any for pain??

Hi ladies, 2 queries from myself today!

Firstly am wondering what some of your waiting times were before your pre op appointment and actual Lap was? I had my pre op yesterday and am waiting on a call for my lap date. Am trying to stay positive as I am undiagnosed yet but it's proving difficult with no time frame in which to focus on. also I've been the the op will be a maximum of 45 if they need to do some lasering yet I've heard people have been in for hours? Am very very nervous about it.

Also as I am undiagnosed I am still using the pill Cilest as a form of contraception. Am wondering If there is another form that anyone could suggest which would help with pain, aswell as protection for the time being? I've heard the coil is good for this but am unsure as to weather seeking a more long term contraception would be a good idea at this stage of the diagnosis process or whether I should wait till I have some sort of diagnosis.

Thanks in advance ladies, hope all is well with you all 💛

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People's experiences will vary in terms of time between pre-op and the lap. But the most important factor is the lap itself. As you say some can last hours but in such cases those surgeries will have been planned in advance when pre-op tests such as scans and perhaps an initial diagnostic lap will have confirmed severe disease.

You will be scheduled for a diagnostic lap in general gynaecology I assume. There is a procedure to be followed to ensure a thorough search of the pelvis but this isn't always followed. Have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap to be sure of what they should be doing. If you were found to have any degree of severe disease (stage 3/4 or rectovaginal disease) then it is paramount that they don't touch this if you are being seen in general gynaecology at this stage. You would need referring to a specialist centre in that case.

What sort of symptoms are you having, at any time of the month?


I had my pre op in the middle of July and I'm still waiting for an appointment. I've been told I should be around October, which they know I can't do as I'm going back to University on Monday to do a teaching degree - fingers crossed they can get me in at Christmas. My pain was so bad and I know I wouldn't have been able to do my course the way I was, so 4 weeks ago I decided to try the depo injection and it has worked wonders for me, the pain has reduced so much - I know remember what 'normal' feels like. I've decided to have to implant in a couple of weeks as this is the same hormone as the injection. I hope you aren't waiting too long and you find something which helps :)



I'm pretty sure that there is a window of time that has to be met between pre-op and surgery. Where i live i think it is 12 weeks. If your surgery is scheduled after that window you may have to have another pre-op. Although i would assume that if you have had pre-op you have been pencilled in for your surgery x


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