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how to help heat damage from hot water bottles?


hello! i have endo and the only thing that ever provides any relief from the pain is hot water bottles. i have one and it's a thick fluffy teddy bear one and i never apply it straight on my skin (over my t-shirt or sweatshirt, etc). but i have some really bad heat damage from it on my stomach, it basically just looks like a dark brown awful rash and with summer coming up i'm hoping that there's something that'll make it better or make it go away...

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The best thing you can do is stop applying any heat to the area. If the pigmentation is mild it may disappear in a few weeks/months. If it’s more severe it can sometimes take years to completely disappear. If it does disappear, if heat is applied again it’s more likely to come back. Sometimes laser therapy can help if it’s more severe x

whitetea in reply to stephkp

thankyou for the advice! unfortunately stopping using the heat isn't an option for me as it's the only thing that helps with the pain, but the heat damage has given me more of a push to talk to my doctors about how severe my pain is, so hopefully i'll be able to find something else that'll help manage the pain other than heat.

Have a look at vitamin E oil or bio oil, they both help with scarring, so could be useful. I don’t know for sure though.

Let the water cool a little first.

whitetea in reply to Moon_maiden

thankyou. i'll definitely try some bio oil on it.

Moon_maiden in reply to whitetea

Try wheat bags instead of a hot water bottle, they don't get as hot, but less risk.

Not advice but I have the same problem. The skin on my lower back has gone a weird mottled colour due to over-using my heating pad. I've had to lay off the heating pad and use some type of moisturiser (difficult to find a good one as I have sensitive skin) in the hope it will go away.

Hope you find something that works 🤞

whitetea in reply to Bubble_by

i'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing the same thing! i really hope that you can find something that helps, too.

Gosh so glad it isn't just me! I was really worried when I saw this on my lower back. But makes such a difference not sure I can stop.... xxx

it's the same for me, too! i hope you can find something else that helps. x

Hi White Tea

Please see the link below it has been a lifesaver for me. Just like a hot batter bottle but electric. I have had not issues since swopping to this type of heT treatment.

Hope it helps Jo x

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whitetea in reply to JoBTW74

thankyou so much! i'll definitely look into it. x

I suffered the same thing, unfortunately each time I use a hot water bottle the rash will flare up in the same place goes red and then dies down to brown the to faded brown.

Although its faded alot now there is still a hint of it there.

I never show my stomach and have such pale skin that any strong sunlight and i burn anyway (factor 50 people!! Factor 50!!)

Im not sure...but if you sunbathe...wouldnt the patch reappear? I know its a different heat...and I know that it seems like an odd thought but if it reacts like a scar tissue and its that badly damaged...wont it flare up?

Definitely go see your doctor about the pain, you souldnt need to suffer like this anymore, and if they dont listen seek a 2nd opinion, and a 3rd if need be.

My GP wasnt any good so I went private, the 1st consultant was just for gynaecology and didnt listen to me at all and suggested something I was set against (i had done all the research I could on contraception etc) and one that i knew wouldnt help me. (The coil...i know what im like and i know that was never gona help me and as she said I may have to be knocked out for it to go in because i was so small and suffered on smear tests I knew that was not right.) So I went private again to a specialist. He was great. Definitely worth it 100%

No one should be ignored.

No one should have to apologise for needing help.

No one should be made to feel small about their problems.

No one should suffer.


whitetea in reply to NH88

thankyou so so much. i definitely understand how frustrating it can be for doctors to not listen to you. i'm glad that you've found real help now, though! x

NH88 in reply to whitetea

Please take care of yourself, and never give up on you x

whitetea in reply to NH88

thankyou! and you, too! x

I had that it does go away but make sure it doesn't blister that does scar, I've found that putting a towel under does help but I know what you mean by that direct heat helps are you using kettle water by any chance?? I did too, it took about a month to go ☹️ xx

whitetea in reply to Bubblepoppy

yes i boil the kettle for it. it's never blistered at all, just the heat damage scar. x

My scarring faded but I did switch to heat pads(microwavable) and as Moon_maiden as already highlighted found bio oil helpful

whitetea in reply to Linley

thankyou! i'm definitely looking into some heat pads that people have recommended as well as the bio oil x

I would try bio oil! But also maybe an alternative to a hot water bottle.

I’ve been using ‘Be You’ cooling patches and I love them! Maybe give them a try x

whitetea in reply to Woo25

thankyou! i'll look into those cooling patches as i've never tried cold on it before. x

I had some really bad burn marks on tummy and tops of legs from over a year of hot water bottle use. stopped using it and marks went after 4 months! now I use a electric heat pad and it is so much better and no burn marks.


🤔 Hmmm... it totally sounds like the hot water bottle may be too hot or an allergic reaction to the material, dye or laundry detergent activated by the heat and moisture. Have you considered taking a hot bath y just soaking in the water?

As for the skin discoloration, coco butter or vitamin E are great at healing and removing skin discoloration. I hope this helps. 😊💛💛💛

whitetea in reply to 1Tia1A

so sorry for the late response! i have tried warm baths and whilst they do help, they're not helpful for longer periods of time as i have the fluctuating pain all day every day, and obviously i can't be in the bath all day long!

i'll definitely try the cocoa butter and look into vitamin e. thanku! x

1Tia1A in reply to whitetea

You are very welcome. 😊 I forgot to mention that 100% pure cold pressed castor oil has helped me tremendously with the pain and swelling. I soak a 1×1 inch piece of gauze in the oil, place a piece slightly into my rectum, another slightly into the opening of my "lady part" and on other piece into my belly button...secured with medical tape. Applying heat is best but, it seems would work regardless. I do this before bed every night and remove all gauze pads in the morning. For whatever reason, this really takes the pain and swelling away. Now, I am not a doctor but, I study herbal and natural remedies. I failed to include this information in my first reply. Please accept my apology.

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