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Newbie here! Going for laparoscopy next week 😬

Hey girls, nice to say hi!!

so I've been suffering for years with pain, finally decided to get checked out with dr and had an internal scan and pelvis scan to be told I have fibroids! The biggest is 24mm 😬 I have now been sent to see a specialist and my appointment is next Thursday for my first laporoscopy! Feeling a bit apprehensive 😜

is there any tips anyone can give?!

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Hi Nicky1981,

I've got my first laparoscopy on Weds so I'll be following your post for any tips :-) I'm a bit nervous about the procedure and recovery but hope in a month or so I can get back to a normal life again without pain. Can't remember what that's like!

Fingers crossed everything goes well and you're soon symptom and pain free.


Hi fredstaraw,

Thanks for your message X yeah I'm hoping to get answers and see what my next step is!

Fingers crossed for you also X


Hi girls,

It's a good thing that you have a laparoscopy to diagnose,

Take a pillow with you for journey home,

Get some lipsil and mints for after

And some peppermint tea or tablets,

Rest well after with small walks, and look after wounds,

Good luck

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Hey tboag, thank for the tips! I've read about peppermint tea and a pillow is a great tip X my sister in law is staying with me and her driving is a bit erratic lol x


Hi I had fibroids for years had them removed x2 but then I had a huge one on top of my cervix had most of it removed but then it came back and I was bleeding constantly had coil fitted WS fine for 3 months but it all started again so I have had a full hysterectomy and I'm fine now xx


Hi Isabella,

They have said I can't have the coil fitted and can't take pill as it made me constantly bleed 😬

In an ideal world I want a hysterectomy as I can't have children and my husband has has a vasectomy. I have a step daughter and have enough babies in the family lol X


I was diagnosed with fibroids and cysts that led to first lap and during that they confirmed endo.

Hopefully you'll be in and out in a day. As you'll have a general anaesthetic you may feel sick and very tired after. Have peppermint tea and mints for the trapped wind! And they'll usually make sure you go to the toilet before you go home.

Are they going to remove endo if they find it? If not you'll probably have another lap pretty soon 😊 Good luck


Hi Marcia,

Yeah I've got to go in at 3 and will go down at 5! Been told as long as I eat drink and go to the loo I'll be allowed out by 9! Lucky I'll have the weekend to rest!

They said its to check so yeah possibly have to go back depending on what they find xx


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