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Feeling fed up!!

Well just picked up two more bottles of oramorph for pain that is being blamed on ibs or nerve pain, yet the doctors are still willing to hand out liquid morphine for it!!! My pain is creeping up again and I'm sick of it, went out with my son and partner yesterday for a day of fun and I was stopped in my tracks my pain was so awful! Today I have pain all across the bottom of my back and down my left side into my hip and leg, I have had to empty my bowel 3 times today and this was agony! I am still awaiting my biopsy results from the hospital following my colonoscopy, they told me my bowel looked healthy so I'm guessing my biopsies will all be fine! I'm convinced I have endo on my bowel but don't think it can be found this way! Prostap injections didn't work but was only on them for 4 months, mri and CT scan were both clear too! I feel like I am fighting a losing battle!!


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