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Could this be related to my endo?

I've been battling symptoms of endometriosis for a couple of years now but I don't have an official diagnosis because they won't do a laparoscopy until I lose weight. At first my main symptoms were extreme pain when having a bowel movement (like I was being stabbed repeatedly), near constant pain over my left ovary, excruciating lower left back pain which and constipation. Sometime the pain in my lower abdomen was so bad I couldn't walk! I tried co-codamol and naproxen which didn't even touch the pain and eventually was given tramadol which wasn't much better. I was sent for a ultrasound (which found I had a retroverted uterus and what was possibly a resolving cyst in my left ovary) and referred to gynaecology.

The gynaecologist said it could be endo and put me on cerazette for 6 months. This didn't help at all. I bled pretty much constantly and my symptoms didn't improve. After the 6 months I was referred back and told again that it could be endo but that they wouldn't do a laparoscopy until I'd (a) tried another form of contraception for at least a year and (b) lost a lot of weight. She prescribed Depo Provera and sent me on my way.

The Depo was fantastic at first. I stopped bleeding immediately and my symptoms - which I had been experiencing for 2-3 weeks a month - reduced drastically to the point where I was pretty much symptom free.

I've been on Depo for about 18 months now and it's effectiveness is waning. For the past 9 months or so I've been experiencing symptoms around week 9 or 10 of the shot (I get it every 12 weeks). My GP suggested I try the implant so I made an appointment with the local sexual health clinic. The nurse and doctor there told me getting the implant would be a mistake (as would the coil) as it's actually more likely to make symptoms worse not better and is more unpredictable symptom wise. They suggested I start getting my Depo every 10 weeks instead of every 12 which I've been doing but I still get pain in the week or so before my shot is due. I also get intermittent lower left back pain (over my left kidney area) through the month which is unbearable.

Recently (in the past 9 months) I've been experiencing new symptoms and I'm not sure if they're related to endo or not. In the couple of weeks before my shot I get symptoms of a urine infection - bladder pain and fullness, frequent urination, feeling like I haven't fully emptied my bladder, pain over my left kidney, urgency to urinate only to pee enough to fill a teaspoon. A couple of times I've went to the doctor for this thinking it was a UTI but my urine sample has always come back clear. That and the fact that it usually happens before my depo is due (and before I start spotting/bleeding) makes me wonder if it could be related to my possible endo. The pain over my kidney are during this time is so bad it feels like I'm going to pass out and nothing helps!

Does anyone else out there with endo suffer from urine infection like symptoms? Could it be related to endo or should I be worried about something else?

Also on a side note - last month I had my first smear test. From what I read/was told this shouldn't hurt but when the nurse opened the speculum I experience a really bad burning pain - it hurt so much. Could this be because of endo?

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Hi, I have had 3-4 Pap smears done through my testing years.. I don't think it should hurt with burning pain , my doctor usually will say you will feel a pinch but I really do t feel anything bad or painful but however i do have some spotting after that. And I'm also diagnosed with Endo 7 years ago .


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