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Hi ladies

Just wanted some advice.. I've been in horrible pain since my surgery at the end of April this year. I've had little to no relief from the pain and have been basically house bound since the op.

I had both ovaries ablated, including an area near my bladder and uterus plus adhesions freed. The pain after surgery was horrific!

I was put on microgynon to take tricyclically. The pain can be horrendous and is indescribable but it mostly involves my lower abdomen and I get a constant annoying feeling between my legs (which I think is related to my ovaries). I am also getting throbbing and stabbing flank, sometimes hop and loin pain and have frequency (as if I have a kidney infection but urine tests come back clear). The pain can move about (from the left side to the right side). I am at my wits end with it now. It's impacting on everything and I don't know if I'll ever get better. I'm on gabapentin and it gives me no relief at all. Tramadol helps take the edge off but the side effects are bad.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms? My cystoscopy came back clear (apart from moderate chronic inflammation) so apparently I don't have endo inside my bladder. Is it normal to still be in so much pain 4 months out from surgery?

Appreciate your thoughts, ladies.

Xx j

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** para 3 "hop" should read "hip".


Hi I can relate to some of your symptoms, I am 2 months and half from the surgery and my pain is mainly in the lower abdominal (I assume) bladder but it does radiates to groin, leg, lower back as well. I also have frequency. I am curious, you said they find inflammation, did they mention it is IC ? Did they put you on any form of treatment?


Hi kikishi - no, my surgeon didn't mention it at the follow up. At that time it wasn't a major issue/symptom for me and I was more worried about my fertility.

Over the last few months it's become more of a concern. I did have endo removed from dunn's pouch which is very near the bladder so perhaps that had a little to do with it and I could have IC. It's very hard to get answers.

How are you coping since your surgery? Are you in NYC?



Yes I am. I am doing really well from the surgery but a few weeks ago this bladder pain/frequency really got me down. I feel terrible that I may get a diagnosis of IC as that seems to be another incurable chronic condition....I will call my surgeon tomorrow and hear what he has to say.


I actually had endometriosis (superficial) removed from the actual bladder.


Let me know what he says. Good luck.

Ps If it's Dr S (as you mentioned in your previous posts) I think you you'll be fine!


Will definitely let you know. Will call him today. It is the S.

Where are you located?


How did you get on?


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