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Endometriosis pain meds stopped working?


Is it normal for meds to stop working in just a few months?

Hello, I have been told by my doctor that I likely have endometriosis, so she prescribed me tranexamic acid and mefanamic acid. They worked brilliantly the first two months; just a bit of cramping, but I mostly felt drowsy.

But it has been another two months (four months in total since starting on the tranexamic and mefanamic acid), and they were much less effective this time around. It was only one level below the amount of pain I would've been in if I hadn't taken the medication in the first place.

Is it normal for these meds to stop working so quickly?

I haven't suddenly built up an intolerance to them, because when I got my last before this one, I didn't get to take the tranexamic and mefanamic in time, so when I did I just threw it back up (I normally throw up when I'm on my period; I think it's because of the pain?), so for that day, I just had to manage without the meds.

Do I need to go back to the doctor? Should I increase my doses?

Thank you - Red.

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I recently attended a pain management course and I learned that not only is it common for painkillers to stop working but over time they can actually start to make the pain worse instead of better. Go figure!

Definitely worth seeing your doctor again. Good luck!

Where did you find out about the pain management course?

If you ask your GP, he or she can refer you. I really recommend it.

The one I attended lasted 12 weeks. It combined theory with techniques to manage pain. I was surprised but I actually learned a lot about pain. Did you know for instance that a painkiller is considered effective if it reduces pain by 10% or that docs often prescribe combinations of painkillers because different painkillers work on different areas of the brain?

The biggest benefit from the course however was that I came out feeling more normal. I would highly recommend it. Good luck!

Thank you that’s really helpful.

Your body can become accustomed to pain relief and unfortunately as you become tolerant they don't work as well. I've had this problem and gone up and down doses of varying different pain medications over the years. Do you see a pain team at all? They can find what is most effective for you avoiding opioids where possible. I also got referred to see a psychologist from them to aid in coping skills. From this I could see why I can work a 13 hours shift with pain but as soon as I finish be in excruciating pain on my way home. I was told this is the pain gate theory and taught ways to cope with this.

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