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What causes your flare up's?

Hi Ladies,

I am 9 months post lap for stage 3 endo, and at the tail end of a bad flare up which has resulted in extreme pain, emergency docs, Tramadol, tripping (on the tramadol- medicine from the devil) and exhaustion. I'm trying to figure out what trigger is causing my flare ups or perhaps it's just random!? I take my pill back to back for 3 packets and this time I am about 1.5 packs in. But it varies each time, the flare ups during my 7 day break obviously don't count as I know what's causing them!

Some weeks I go to the gym 3 times, eat out with friends, drink wine and laugh.

Other times like this week I am basically an extra from the walking dead.

I cannot pin point at the moment any one thing that seems to start it off, so I wondered if you have discovered what causes your flare up's ?

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Hi i often wonder the same! I did 1 week of cutting out junk food and processed food and honestly feel it did help me! However i need a certain level of sugar and salt in my body and i was feeling reali light headed and week cus i had cut them out too much. But genuinely do think food affects it.


Thank you. I am thinking about trying eliminating certain foods see if that makes any difference x


Annoyingly, I know that alcohol is a big trigger for me. Sometimes it's immediately and sometimes it comes the next day but basically I just have to avoid it as much as possible. Other than that, dairy and gluten are big culprits - basically anything that causes inflammation in the bowels. My gyno explained that not only does the inflammation occur elsewhere, but the extra pressure caused by the gut inflammation can provoke the endo in the surrounding area. Basically too much pressure in too little a space is how I imagine it.


I would try a different pill you take everyday called Qlaira it's a combined pill but makes bleeding minimal there are some still side effects from day 21 til 28 I'm exhausted and have back ache sone bloating but this is better than with other treatments I've tried !!!!!


I haven't noticed any flare ups caused by my diet, but I will say, I notice them when I "over do it". If I do too much physical activity, clean too much for too long, exersize too long, or even too vigorous sexual activity. Sometimes it's just that I moved the couch to vacuum and next thing I know I've got pain and spotting. Some days I do a lot all day and not until the end does it flare. Just walking and regular activity is fine, but lately we've been remodeling and I seem to have pain and spot all the time now except for days off. Just figured I'd share that much.

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I'm the same but also find stress a big factor! I have some kind of symptom everyday but "flares" can seem t b really quite random but most of the time when I think about it, I realise oh I'm ovulating/due on/had a stressful time or"over done it" x


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