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Any advice?


Sorry to have a moan but just looking for some advice.

First of all I have not been diagnosed with Endo but have my first appointment with a specialist next week. 

I am in quite a lot of discomfort on my right side. Keep having little stabbing pains right down below and it hurts my ovary area when I go to the loo. It's like a dragging feeling! I have pain in my lower back, hip and down my leg. I've tried heat, pain killers, stronger pain killers and still no joy. I've been becoming more uncomfortable since my last period and due on again next week. I'm fed up. Would happily chop my right leg/hip off today :(. Sorry for the negativity. Anyone have any advice for this pain? X

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Sorry you feel good rubbish i had all my pain on left side but normally when I get pains even when I feel like crunching up in bed to try and gently stretch and move around as much as possible helps and lots of cinnamon herbal tea . Also had acupuncture before and that definitely helped my cycle and periods got easier and less clots and pain after a few sessions. Hope that helps a little  😳😳


Hi, thank you for replying. Yes standing and walking about seems comfier for me too. I will definitely look into acupuncture. I just know if I go to the doctors they will just give me stinger pain killers which will knock me out and just have too much on at the moment to be like a zombie. Thank you for for advice :) xx


Yey all the pain killers just seem to stop working after a bit and just end up with the zombie side effects . It so hard because I find with all the hormonal mood swings to pretty hard to balance it all out it the fatigue too from all too and we don't really look like we ill so have to fight all the way it's a really confusing illness. Good luck with your appointment will be great to see specialist 😀


Yep that's what I'm finding at the moment. I have actually made an app to see doctor today as I just can't get comfortable to sleep so just need something for that. Ah I know, I bit my partners head off last night. I just feel useless right now and I keep slipping up in work. I work for family but they aren't very understanding. I'm staying positive though, I'm going away this weekend so will be nice to get away! Thank you :) and thanks for understanding xx


Hi there, this is a pretty good sign of endometriosis but make sure you note down every pain and suspected symptom in lots of detail to show the specialist because as well as the exam, they will all act as clues. All of what you describe are very familiar endo pains to a lot of us. Good luck. Xx


Thank you for your reply :). Yes I have started writing them all down. I go a week today, nervous but also looking forward to just talking to someone who know what's they are doing. Thank you xx


It is scary but make sure you don't take no for an answer if you feel you need more than the specialist tells you. Good luck. X

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