Pain all the time or not ??

Does Endometriosis mean you get pain everyday ?? I only seem to get the pain really bad about 2 weeks before my period, during and then a week after ?? I get the odd painful bowel movements, pain when urinating and painful full bladder at times throughout the year but it's always so much worse around my period, but I'm really doubting myself (my symptoms are on my other post).

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  • It gets worse over time.

    Not to mention some ladies with endo have no pain at all, in my case I didn't for 9 years, I just had diahrea, heavy flow, blood in urine, and the odd ovarian cyst.

  • I always get really bad pains from up to 2 weeks before my period, during and after. It's got a lot worse since I was younger but I've always had painful, heavy periods so I thought it was normal but for the past year or so, it hurts to pee, bowel movement hurts, hurts to sit etc. I don't know whether to see a doctor to see if it is Endometriosis or not. Like do I just tell him i've got some symptoms for it and i'm just wondering if it could be that ?? I never know when i'm due on my period because it's so irregular but for the past few days, my back hurts, the tops of my thighs hurt, between my hips hurt, it hurts to sit, go to the toilet etc. I'm worried but I'm not good with explaining things to the doctors.

  • Say your periods are painful and you're starting to hurt for longer and longer periods, they'll listen, I ended up with only 1 week a month that way pain free then on the pill I got chronic pain.

    Say you want to see a gynae too.

    They might also try to get you to take the pill ask for a progesterone only one.

  • Thank you !

  • I'm not diagnosed yet but my Dr has suggested it could be & I'm waiting for a gynecology app in August! (Ages aways yet & already waited a yr for Dr to listen), I've always had painful periods, had ovulation pain 2 weeks before period for a few days , but over the last yr it's got worse , I have dull lower back ache most of the time,hip pain, top of thighs hurt & pain in ovary area ,spotting in between periods, I have some days where it hurts less but not many, I sometimes feel the need to wee a lot & have had a few issues with bowels but didn't link that until I read posts on here. I have 2 children & had no probs concieving, Dr suggested the coil but not keen , I feel a bit like I've been left to suffer, appointments take ages to come through & Dr told me just to chew on pain killers in the meantime!

  • I'm 17 and I've had my period since I was 10. I've had heavy, painful periods since the very start but the pains got worse and it's started coming like 2 weeks before my period actually starts. I get a lot of blood clots and I struggle going to the toilet but this only seems to happen around the time my periods due even though I don't know because my period is irregular. I get back pain, my ovary area hurts a lot etc. I've read that people on here are in pain everyday but I'm not ?? like mines more like 2 weeks or 1 week before my period, during my period and like a week after ?? I'm just really confused on how to approach the doctor with these symptoms, like most of them just pass it off as a painful period but it's got to the point where I can't sit, or go to the toilet without throbbing, shooting or stabbing pains around my ovary area, vagina or bottom. Shall I mention endometriosis to my GP ??

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