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Bladder Problems Post Lap

Hi everyone!

I'm new on here & need some help...

Had a diagnostic laparoscopy 6 days ago for pelvic pain. No endo was found but i had urine retention so had a catheter in for 24 hours to give my bladder a break.

Now, I am going for a wee regularly, however I am feeling constant pressure on my bladder like I need to go all the time... gets worse as the day goes on & it's really annoying!

Also, when i stand up i feel like my pelvic organs are going to fall out? I can't explain the feeling! Heavy and weird.

just constant pressure down there & feeling like I need to wee to release the pressure... no symptoms of infection and I'm on antibiotics anyway at the minute.

please help :(

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I had my second lap a month ago. I too felt like my organs were going to fall out for the first few days. I had the same feeling after my first lap in January. My bladder also liked to go to the loo a lot, but it settled down after a week roughly. I still sometimes feel pressure on my bladder at the mo, as I have endo there (as well as lots of others place too).

Hope this helps x

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That is reassuring! Hopefully it will settle in a few days :) thank you


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