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Post Lap Concerns

Hi all

I had my excision lap a couple of weeks ago and was told that it was a success as large areas of scarring and endo were successfully removed. However, I have a couple of legions that are located too near to my left kidney to be safely removed but these were heat treated.

Unfortunately, as soon as I became mobile again the exact same pains I have been experiencing came back - I am so disappointed. Added to this, I have a new very specific pain in the right side of my tummy that I am concerned about.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm now worried that the pain is not related to the endo and there is something else going on.

My follow up appointment with my Consultant is not until February 2017 so I have quite a long wait to find out what's next. I am on the hormone implants + HRT and can have one more of these (next month). The internal photographs taken at my diagnostic and excision laps have shown that the implants have really helped control the endo. I am also worried about how I will fare after the last implant.

So, all a bit of a worry - I've been fortunate that my work have allowed me to work reduced hours until my last lap but now I am back and struggling.

Any advice would be gratefully received x

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Hey EMH26

When did u have your lap?

It may still be early days yet & you may still be healing inside,

However I had the same problem & was rushed into hospital 3 weeks after surgery due to serious pain!

I had many tests done & the gynae said my endo was probably returning as I was bleeding pretty heavily too.

This was a shock to me and i was gutted :/. But weeks afterwards I went to see my consultant & they confirmed that it was my endo causing the pain. She said it wasn't all in my head and she understood & knew exactly what I was saying.

She said excision is the best treatment for endo but everyone is different, that some people may be symptom free for years and some peoples symptoms never really go away.

I'm now on a pain diary & gotta go back in September to see how things are and decide what's next. I am also on the mirena coil. I has helped with the bleeding but I must say the pain is worse than before surgery, I have more frequent flare ups, I get more pain, more painful during sex, painful urination & before I urinate, pain when opening my bowels & runny stools some days.

I like you have mainly right sided pain.

It's a horrid disease! :( I was so happy knowing I was having the surgery to excise it to at least give me some of my life back for a few years as we all know it's incurable, but sadly I'm still suffering just worse than before :/.

See how you feel in a few weeks time & if no better then I would mention it to your consultant hunni :/

I hope you start to feel better soon xxx


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