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Endometriosis or Ectopic pregnancy

Hello ladies so in 20 years old and in April I was rushed to the hospital because I had pain in the left side of my abdomen. I had a scan done and it showed that my left ovary was swollen and the sonographer suggested that it was PID , pelvic inflammatory disease. I went to see my gynecologist and she suspected that it was due to an untreated STI and she took a swab test which came back negative but my vaginal flora was imbalanced and she asked me to take azithromax but unfortunately I did not take it. I went back again for the scan and the ovary wasn't swollen. Last week I started feeling the pain again and I was so sure that it was swollen again, went to see the gynecologist and she said I have to go for laparoscopy because she thinks it could be endometriosis since I also have very heavy and painful periods so painful that I can't go to school for those 7 days and the gynecologist also mentioned that the ovary is probably swelling only when I'm off my period. I started googling my symptoms now I'm seeing possibilities of ectopic pregnancies I don't think it's that but now I'm very worried:(

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When I had my ectopic pregnancy I had to be rushed down to theatre for an emergency op as my Fallopian tube had been ruptured & damaged so badly that I nearly died, through all of that I do remember the following day the consultant asking my husband how long id been in pain before I'd collapsed he informed the consultant that I'd been like that for a few days & my GP had told me that I was pregnant & it may be ectopic but just to take some paracetamol (I didn't no what an ectopic pregnancy was & Google wasn't really around)!!! The consultant had said that if my GP had sent me to hospital when I went to see her that they could have scanned me and detected the ectopic pregnancy and things might not have ended so badly operation wise X X X


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