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Experiences on Zoely pill?

Hi - I started taking Zoely a month and a half ago. I was having issues with the pill before I was taking (cilest), but with Zoely I'm feeling SO weird - the main thing is absolutely awful anxiety, with heart palpitations and panic attacks. I am prone to being anxious anyway, but it is so much more noticeable - I can't get awful scenarios out of.my head, my heart starts pounding, I'm cold all the time... has anyone else had this? Or am I just losing it?!

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One of my friends had zolodex injections but has BPD so I'll have to ask her for you. It could be that the anxiety is kicking your Arse just because you're thinking about it (been there).... Give it a little time and maybe wrote a diary of when it's bad to see if it corresponds with the meds maybe?? Hugs xxx

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