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Post surgery update

Hi all,

So 2 months ago I had my operation, this was my 4th laparoscopy. I had questioned beforehand if it was that bad, I had been on zoladex for a few years so thought it couldn't have gotten out of hand.

Well it turns out it was really serious, the surgeons did a segmental bowel resection and removed 6 inches of bowel which was riddled with disease. They were amazed it hadn't blocked me up but I was going to the loo constantly. They also removed my left tube as this was completely gone due to disease.

My recovery has been quite slow and I had a bad infection in one of my scars a couple of weeks ago so that pushed me back a bit. I will be returning to work next week which I am a bit apprehensive about.

I was quite disappointed with some of the care I received in hospital, they changed my surgeon on the morning of my operation. They put me on a terrible ward where I asked for pain relief and didn't get it until an hour later. But the surgeon was brilliant, I didn't need a stoma which was a huge relief and I'm hoping my pain and bowel movements will settle down over the coming months.

I saw the surgeon yesterday and he had the histology results back, which showed deep intrenched disease so he said surgery was the right thing to do, good to know it wasn't all in my head!

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