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Could it be??

Hi everyone.

I'm new and I'm here in desperation. I'm sorry if my post is not allowed as I don't have a diagnosis of endo.

After 14 years now of google search after google search for cyclical leg/SI joint pain etc, and yesterday I came across this site, and I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and I got to wondering.....!

Short history -

14 years ago my baby was delivered by C-section following a back/SI joint injury at 36 weeks after suffering SPD. No issues or suspected endo before this birth.

I'm here now because my last 2 periods have been very bad and painful in my hip/leg area. Ever since his birth I have had intermittent pain around my right-sided SI joint, hip joint, leg, which is bad every month coming up to a period, and during the first 4 days of my bleed.

My symptoms are pain going down my outer thigh, a feeling of 'something' out of place, out of position in my hip area which makes me want to kick my leg out to see if I can click it back into position. Of late (last 2 years or so) it has all got worse, not able to weightbear on that leg, with a sensation of something being compressed in my hip joint causing the pain, If I have a heavy period I also get a touch of diahorrea the first day or 2.

I am now 52 and still having my own regular periods (great eh?) but I'm on HRT too for hot flushes.

Over the years, I've been to doctor after doctor after doctor, explaining I have this pain which gets bad on the run up to and during my period and NOT one of them have EVER mentioned endometriosis. I came across this condition after my google search of 'hip pain during period' threw endometriosis up time and again.

Just wondered if endo might be my problem?

Does it sound symptomatic of endo please?

Thank you.

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Yes it is possible its endo but you'll need a laparascopy to confirm. I'd suggest you get your GP to refer you to a BSGE clinic so the endo can be diagnosed, or if not, then hopefully they'll be better placed to know other options.

Search for Lindle's posts on here to find out about BSGE clinics, but they are NHS and should be one somewhere near to you, even if it means a bit of travelling.

Good luck



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