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Could be jobless tomorrow because of endometriosis :(

Hi all,

I'm new here and just need a bit of guidance and support. I've suffered with endometriosis since I was 14, I'm now 24. I've had numerous operations to remove it and each time it has come back worse. It has now found its self attached to the bottom of my stomach and my bowel which means now every time I have a period I am vomiting alot and having really bad diorhea. Unfortunately due to having ovarian cancer 2 years ago I can't have any hormone treatment to try and help it and the coil has made my periods so erratic that I can have a period lasting upto 3 weeks at a time.

I've just recently started a new job and I have had a lot of time off due to the vomiting and diorhea every time I'm bleeding and this was my last chance and it happened again last week so I'm bracing myself to go into work tomorrow and get sacked :(. I just don't know what else to do, I want to work I love my job but, this just keeps holding me back and I can never seem to hold a job down because I have too much time off sick.

Has anyone else been sacked because of it? And what steps did you take to ensure that your life ran as smoothly as possible.

Many thanks


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Hi jade have they wanted yiu your job is at risk? As they need to do that they can't just sack you. You can get advice from ACAS if that happens. Mine isn't quite this bad although I do have a lot of time off but I can work from home so that helps it have less of an impact



Yes they warned me at my last back to work meeting that I couldn't have any more time off sick as I'd only been there 2 months and had 8 or 9 days off.


Maybe ask for a referral to occupational health sometimes they can be useful also find out if you have union in your job and ask they're advice! Hope it goes ok for you :)

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Oh Jadenancy,poor thing,

I know exactly how you feel as iv had to stop work for the past three month.I resigned as getting sacked you will not secure a good reference.

Have you considered working part time or a job share?.Try to discuss this with your employer.

All these might be a bit simpler if you've got savings and/or family and friends willing to support you emotionally/financially.

Try to have a good new week.



What is a job share? I've never heard of one of those before. For my line of work I don't think it's possible to go part time. I'm a make up artist so if I really want to build up a good clientele I need to be there all the time :(.


A jobshare is sort of like part time work so if it's 8hrs a day you do only 4hrs and the other person completes the hours....unfortunately like you pointed out this wouldn't work for you...


I work my endo is at stage 2 possibly 3 but I got worried to Hunni with the amont of time Iv had off but luckily my work have been quite understanding which helps a lot I hope that u don't lose your job but maybe ask for a referral to ocupational health as they might be able to help u Hunni xx


Join a union hun to get some support that's what i have done now as my work were not very supportive last time I was off with my endo. I'm off again atm but this time I am part of unison and if anything is said I will just get them involved to help support me xx

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Hi - in relation to your endo, are you being treated in a specialist endo centre and not in general gynaecology and if you are not under a centre where are you in the UK?

This article from Endo UK may be of some help regarding your work - it's aimed at employers. It's quite long but read it through.




Hi Jade,

I was bullied for 6 years as a teacher due to Endo!

I resigned as the Headteacher made my life hell, so I was off work due to depression and PTSD. My counsellor diagnosed me with the latter due to the fact I had terrible flash backs and nightmares as a result of my bulling experience.

I can only work odd days as a supply teacher now due to the fact I have Stage 4 Endo, which has spread to my digestion system, bowel, bladder and one remaining ovary and pelvis.

I recently had to see one of my consultants, who work together in a partnership for Endo,as my pain has been abnormal.

It was refreshing to hear him ask had I taken my employer to a tribunal as Endo comes under the 2010 Equality Act.

I explained that despite contacting my union, I had been worn down and not well enough to go to grievance or tribunal against my employer.

I do know for a fact that this consultant had been as a witness to defend bullying of other Endo patients and have won cases against the employer.

You need to have medical evidence from both your GP and consultant to take to HR and Occupational Health. If you are in a union, seek legal advice.

If not and you can afford it see an employment solicitor for unfair dismissal if it does come to that.

Alternatively maybe Citizen Advice Bureau may help.

Remember your boss is discriminating against a disabled person with Endo, the law is on your side .

Best of luck and feel free to contact me again if you need any support or advice.

This infuriates me and I know friends who were healthier than me, who have fought their employer and won!


Hi all,

Thanks for letting me know all of your experiences. Unfortunately the outcome of my meeting today was dismissal. My manager has let me resign so I can still get a good reference off them going forward but, in my contract it does state that while in probationary period if I'm off sick for however many days they have the right to dismiss my contract. My manager said she feels awful but, if she let's one person have lots of time off it will cause the others to think they can do the same without punishment. I am gutted beyond belief as it was a job I've wanted for so many years. I don't know where to go now or what to do but, I have been applying for jobs that may be more suited to me hours wise.

Thanks for all your help but I just don't think I have the energy to take it further xxx


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