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Pain Killers v herbal remedies?

I'm currently waiting for a lapidoscropy and so far to manage me pain I take ibobrufen everyday, plus paracemetomol or co-codamol, when it's really bad. It's the only way I can function and maintain my job, plus I do yoga, have a strict diet and drink a lot of green tea daily, but one as well as still really struggling, I am really concerned about the amount of painkillers I am taking. Has anyone tried any herbal remedies for pain/ease symptoms? Or any other tips in managing pain and symptoms? Please

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Are you on contraceptives and is your pain mostly cyclical (period related) or at all or any of the time?


I'm not on contraception, getting the coil fitted when I have lap. And well it's worse during and just before period, but really there is only a few days a month I'm not having problems :/


Endo is fed by oestrogen and in a natural cycle this rises to extremely high levels in the first half of the cycle. Without contraception endo will progress faster under these high levels. Contraceptive pills reduce oestrogen to control endo. So pain killers will only affect the pain not the endo growth. The mirena mostly works locally in the uterus and can reduce or stop periods which may prevent new endo from forming but it might not have much effect on existing endo. This will depend on the stage of the endo and the women's individual immune and endocrine systems.When is your lap as you would probably benefit from going on the pill now.


Thanks for the advice. The problem is I can't really take the pill, I have a bad history of depression and anxiety which the hormones of the pill make worse, that's why I'm having the coil :/ I've been told 2/3 months, but haven't had a date confirmed yet. The other thing is the endo affects my bladder, so I have the normal cyclic pain associated with endo and then I have the bladder problems/pain, pretty much continuously throughout month as well. So basically I feel pretty stuck at the moment, as all I can do is it take strong painkillers and wait to be seen. Just wondered if there was any other ways of managing pain


You might try a natural hormone balancer that acts like progesterone to balance oestrogen called agnus castus. You'd need to stop it though when you had the mirena in. You can get it in health shops.


I hear you, I hate painkillers. I am scheduled for surgery next week and I stopped taking the pill a few months ago due to increasing anxiety and depression. As I also dislike painkillers I tried a number of herbal/diet techniques and I found that manuka honey and turmeric capsules help the most. Since I have started taking both I have not had to take painkillers (where before I had to take them every day). They also really help with the swelling and bloating. You have to make sure you have medical grade manuka honey, mine is certified 12+. It's not cheap, but well worth it.

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