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Positive hysterectomy stories please

This has been recommended to me by the bsge centre I am being treated at. I'm pretty sad that I'm at this point, but their reasoning is sensible - I've got very extensive disease on the bowel plus adenomyosis, and they've said that although it would be possible to just excise the endo, this will leave scar tissue between the bowel and uterus. If drug treatments for the adenomyosis don't work, and a hysterectomy is then needed, the risk of damaging the bowel when they have to cut the uterus away from the bowel for a second time is just too high.

Does anyone have a positive story of hysterectomy they can share? I have children and don't want more, so that isn't an issue, but I saw my mother become an old woman overnight following chemo which caused menopause in her mid 40's and that frightens me. I'm 38.

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I am 39 and am scheduled for a hysterectomy in less than 2 weeks. I find the forum at the hysterectomy association website invaluable, full of positive stories of women who have had a hysterectomy for all sorts of reasons.


Hi I had a complete hysterectomy and bowel resection last year after 15 years + of suffering. I had grade 4 endo with bowel implications and adenomyosis and quite frankly had had enough of pain and as I was 47 and my family well and truly finished i felt it was best option.

The surgery was long but keyhole (bowel needed bigger incision) and the recovery quick although my bowels were a little unhappy for a while after but nothing unmanageable and nothing as bad as what I had been experiencing before surgery. My consultant promised me HRT the next morning and I can honestly say I feel great. I can't believe how rotten I had been feeling for all those years before and wished I hadn't allowed myself to be fobbed off. It is definitely the best thing I have done.

Be positive and good luck


I had hysterectomy on my 40th birthday through cervical cancer.went straight on menopause s the took my ovaries away.after radiation treatment was over i was on H R T patches.i actually felt & LOOKED brilliant on h r t.x


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