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Pain following a hysterectomy

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I had a hysterectomy in December 18 due to endometriosis and adenomyosis in my uterus and have suffered severe right side abdominal pain ever since, the only organs retained were my two ovaries.

Due to have a ct scan and ultrasound next week.

Any ideas what it may be ?

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You poor thing after all that you want to have some relief. It could be adhesions or something like a cyst on your ovary! Also they could of missed some endo and it’s still bleeding. I hope they find the answer for you xx

I do not wish to frighten you, but:

the most common organ injury during uterus removal (that is what I understood from your post, they removed the uterus and the tubes, right?) is a damaged ureter. They are supposed to check if everything is ok before they close, but sometimes this damage can't be seen. Does it hurt when you pee?

I really really really hope it is not that, but something else.

Ovary cyst or maybe some inflamation on your appendix? Does it hurt when emptying the bowels?Does it hurt more after eating specific foods?Do you have constipation and/or bloating?

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Does not hurt as such more constant chronic pain

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Then I think (i am not a doc though!) that you may have a ovarian cyst. This will be seen on the ct/ultra sound. The other possible thing could be a nerve damage. Just one more question, did your pain started immediately after surgery? Like, when you were still in the hospital on recovery?I am thinking if you had pain immediately after it may be the nerve, because if it was a cyst they would have seen it in surgery (the cyst needs to be a bit bigger to hurt and growing takes time) and depending on the size remove and/or tell you later. If the pain started a bit after the surgery then I think it may be a cyst that developed. I have one that was 2.5cm when discovered (on the right side like yours, now it is 4cm) and it was hurting (still hurts) constantly. But it took time for it to grow, my pain started slowly about 3 weeks after lap, and then progressed to the point I can't walk pain free. That is my personal experience. I really hope it is not anything serious in your case.

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Started about a month after surgery!

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Well there you go! Probably a cyst! :) Much better than any of the other possibilities!:)

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