Scared to take out my left ovary

Hey everyone

Ok let me make it short

I have been 6 years married till now i havent got pregnant ! In the past 6 years i have been going doctors and each doctor tells me something diferent i always had infection and fluids that kept comming out and i did get medicine and now after eveything a doctor told me i have a sick left ovary that has to be taken out which i am really scared to do . If i do that operation is there a chance of get pregnant without ivf after the left ovary is take out ???😕

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  • Any advice girls???

  • Hey!

    If your right tube and ovary are both ok then you should be able to conceive naturally. I think the remaining ovary will produce an egg every month, making up for her lost one (so I believe but do check!!)


  • Katie is right the remaining ovary takes over my friend had a 30cm ovarian cyst that took two surgeon to lift it out of her obviously she lost her ovary and fell pregnant by accident 6 Months later, good luck x

  • Thank u girls for your comments i feel abit better i hope every sick person gets well and wish every one the best xxxx

  • I have had my left ovary and Fallopian tube taken out due to a large cyst! I have been told conception is a still a possibility as my other is still healthy and well! I made them check my other ovary was functioning properly before I agreed to the operation! Hope this helps!

  • Hope everylady gets well 💋

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