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Had scan follow up at bsge centre

they are sadly recommending hysterectomy with removal of ovaries as I have so much disease in the bowel plus adenomyosis. A basic excision will still leave me with pain and the risk of damaging the bowel if they then have to do a hysterectomy later (as the bowel will already have been operated on) is apparently a big concern. They are initially going to do an exploratory lap to assess the bowel disease properly then a second surgery to remove what needs to be removed. Significant chance of bowel resection and colostomy. Its what I expected, but it's hard. Such a big decision.

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Sorry to here this.

I had endometriosis all through my tummy, fortunately they were able to remove. My surgeon did the big op, and removed everything by keyhole surgery.

Have they said whether the bowel resection would be reversible and if the colostomy would be permanent? Also can they not whip out the womb, ovaries etc while they are in there? You are facing 2 big ops, can't they op just once?

I had an exploratory op, and the surgeon spent 4 hours removing endometriosis from my tummy, it had attacked the bowel. The following year she went in again for the big op and spent another 4 hours removing endometriosis. Fortunately she also put in a stent in my urethra as it was also being attacked.

I hope that you get answers soon.


they are saying an initial exploratory lap during which they may be able to excise some of the endo. Once that's done and they have a clear idea of the extent of bowel involvement, they'll be able to say for certain whether the hysterectomy is needed and then that will be done in a second surgery during which I may also need the colostomy to give the bowel a chance to heal. This will hopefully be temporary. I will also most likely need a stent in the left ureter as I have a large nodule growing very close to it.


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