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Finally my Gynocology appointment Monday!!!

So I have my Gynocology appointment Monday after 5 months of waiting because they wanted to see how the contraceptive pill worked without a break. Truth is the pain had still been there it's just made me more bloated and uncomfortable! The only thing I have noticed is I have not had any UTI's since being on the pill could this possibly mean my endo is on my bladder?

I really want and need a laproscopy for more answers how can I make sure they give me a laproscopy I can't wait much longer for them to decide whether to give me one or not. I'm currently in bed now, have been all week I can't live my life. I need it sorting has anyone got any advice to how I can make sure they agree to a laproscopy?

I hope everyone is ok xx

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HI, being given the pill for a few months is the first step in the treatment pathway. If you feel like this has not helped or made things worse, you need to emphasise that the symptoms are there. This is what I did and I got put through for a laparoscopy within a few weeks. I hope you get your answers soon. Good luck x


Yes that's what the informed me, I can't remember what she said would happen next but she was pretty sure was endo so didn't want to preform a laproscopy, however I need to know where and how severe it is. I just hope I get the laproscopy I'm 22 and have no life :( thank you for your help I hope you are well x


You need to say that the the Only way to diagnose is via laparoscopy. Otherwise you can't get an official diagnosis. I'm sure the gynae knows this, you just need to be firm and assertive. I hope you get what you need xx


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