Rubbish first gynea appointment.

Had my first gynea appt today, he didn't ask me my symptoms just said how bad is the pain and when do I get it ?

Then I asked if I want the laproscopy ? I said you tell me if I need it, he said let me suggest something have it done to put your mind at rest and in the mean time run your pill back to back. Ahhhhhhh I don't no what to do.

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  • Hi, I know how you feel, was thus general gynaecologist?

  • Yeh he was useless. Said to have a lap if I want it I think i will just to get diagnosis if that's even what I've got. I think either endo or PID X

  • I personally would not have a lap with them. they do not sound very knowledgeable or experienced. I would get referred to an endo specialist for their opinion.

  • Thanks. Yeh I agree I have tried it's taken me 2 years to get this far as we are not sure if it's PID or endo they want to have the lap just to get diagnosis and go from there.

  • General gynae can miss endo though or diagnose as inactive as they are not skilled in what they are looking for.

  • Try your hardest to get referral to a bsge centre, general gyne tend to miss endo in certain places, as they are not experienced or trained enough to recognise it, good luck xx

  • Thank you I have tried but as I'm not sure if it's endo or PID nor do they. They want to give me the diagnosis then I can go on to a centre if needed. I just want to make sure my tubes aren't blocked x

  • I would go for the laparoscopy as they could put you on prostap to see if it helps with pain which has horrible side effects. I do agree with Tboag though get referred to a BSGE specialist asap as general do tend to miss endometriosis. I had an open subtotal hysterectomy 2 years ago under general gynae and they completely missed it. Good luck hun xx

  • Hi Heidi, you said they missed your endo,, whilst doing a hysterectomy, have you had another lap since, and dud it reveal the endo that was missed?

  • Hi hunni, I'm 5 weeks post op from having my ovaries, tubes and cervix removed and full excision, the pathology report confirmed endometriosis but I had it diagnosed by MRI. I had my sub total done under a general gynaecologist but this surgery was done under an Endo specialist at Stepping Hill. Xx

  • I've had s total hysterectomy with overies left in, I'm now die another laparoscopy, as I'm still in endo pain, he was supposed to remove it AL, that was gyne, now I'm under bsge centre, and he will take overies out and excise any endo, are you feeling better, how old are you????

  • Hi I still have pain but that's from the collection in my pelvis they're sending me for an US scan on Tuesday to decide how to drain it. I'm 41 hun and really lucky because I've had my gorgeous children but I started my periods really young at 9 1/2 and have been backwards and forwards to GP and gynaecologist since I was about 15 its been a long road xx

  • I too am lucky enough to have 3 beautiful sons, I'm glad it's all working out for you, hope your scan goes well xx

  • Thankyou xx

  • Thank you muchly. The waiting list is 4-6 months I think I'll book an appt with my new gp to discuss this. X

  • Hi, X! this is disgusting! I hate people being so cruel and not understanding!

    Girls, we expect our experts to be the caring ones, don't we!? I'm so frustrated for your negative experience, dear X!!

    Sometimes docs are behaving this way as they know we will come back to them with our problem. As we really need them..But why aren't they thinking about we may go to other ones for help??

    I'm sure you have to make an appointment with another expert, dear. This can't be the way you're having it now...

  • thats how it was at my consultant for my lap. he just asked me how bad the pain was and if i was having trouble going to the toilet and that was it.

  • Mine didn't ask me about toilet but I told him I've been going for number 2 numerous times a day where it constantly feels I need to go. And he said that's just IBS probably xx

  • Yeah for years I was told it was it was constipation and even that is was all in my head....I got my diagnosis after having treatments for smear tests 3 years ago had my 1st lap yesterday. I would ask to see someone else.

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