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Had my first lap yesterday

Hi ladies,

I had my first lap yesterday. All went well but I'm struggling with pain and staying in hospital for the second night. A dermoid cyst was removed and endo was removed from my womb. Nothing on my bowel thank goodness. I'm getting volterol and paracetamol for pain but it's not really enough. I saw a dr this morning and he said I can have tramadol but the nurses haven't been able to get hold of him so I've been left to suffer. Was supposed to be day procedure . I feel like such a wimp lol

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You're not a wimp at all! I had my first lap in January, they didn't take any endo out and I still felt like I had been hit by a train in the stomach.

I had my second lap a week today, they took plenty out and I felt like I had been hit by a high speed train that has been derailed.

Be pushy with the nurses about getting the doctor to sort out pain relief. Everyone reacts differently and our bodies know what they need.

Endo is a right pain most of the time. You sure don't want it to be once they have removed t!

Feel better soon x


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