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Hot flushes

Hi any advice on dealing with hot flushes,finished a 3 month course of zoladex over a month ago and still getting very bad flushes I'm 47 so it's possible that the zoladex has started the real thing any advice would be helpful (you don't get a lot of support and information from medical staff) this site has been so helpful over the last few months.

Thanks Treez

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Were you on HRT add back with it or did they think it not worth it for 3 months? In any event I think you will have to give yourself a few months to see if your cycle kicks in again. There are no rules in terms of how long it takes for individual women to get back to normal, whatever that means. If at some point you feel you might be going into natural menopause (you might have been anyway) ask for blood tests to check your FSH levels. This will be raised if you are.



No I wasn't offered hrt with it being only 3 months I realise it will take a few months to settle back down I have a appointment at a specialist centre in September thanks to your advice hopefully on the right track now,I think it's shocking what people have to put up with just to get the right treatment (sorry rant over)



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