Hi everyone

I am worried about my girlfriend. She's experiencing about releasing brown discharge. We haven't sex yet ever since, but she was 2 months delayed on her period and then on the 3rd month this brown discharge came along.. She's releasing this brown blood in almost 10 days but occurs every other day..what does this mean?? Is it just her period?,, or anything serious?? Please help me..thank you..

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  • It does not sound serious brown blood is dead blood but if she is worried she should go and see her doctor

  • Do you think it is only her period?. She's worry to much because this is the first time that it happened to her.. I hope that there is nothing serious about this..thank you for your concern..much appreciated...

  • Personally I don't think there is anything to worry about but I am not a doctor if she can't talk to her doctor about the she should go and see the nurses in the practice that will at least put her mind at rest

  • Okay I'll tell her..thank you so much for your time..God bless...

  • Is she on contraceptives?

  • No ma'am..she doesn't take any of it..

  • Is there a chance she could be pregnant?

    She should go to the doctor to figure out what's going on. Some people spot for no reason (I did for 1 year because I was underweight).

    A few things can cause brown discharge though:


    Bacterial Vaginosis (can happen of many things, it's not in most cases an std.)

    Pelvic Inflammatory disease (can be caused by BV, and can be present a long time before other symptoms appear)

    Irregular cervix cells (HPV, cervical cancer)

    She should get a pregnancy test done, go to the doctor tell the results she might need to get another one down there, the get some swabs, and then a pap to rule out anything else.

    Hopefully it's just spotting, please encourage her to go to the doctor it's better to be safe then sorry.

    Best wishes:)

  • Thank you...

  • I had this symptom before my endometriosis was diagnosed. It only stopped once I had my surgery to treat my endometriosis. I had always had brown bleeding before my period but when it became constant I went for a pelvic scan to get things checked. This revealed cysts on my ovaries and I was then referred to a gynaecologist. My advice would be for your partner to see a doctor/have a pelvic scan as soon as possible.

  • Thank you..I hope that there is nothing too serious..

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