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Stage 4 endo, just received surgery date

Hi ladies

I am just looking for some advice and support. I was diagnosed with endo 4 years ago, it was Stage 2 and they removed all of it, 2 months post surgery I fell pregnant with my son. Last year the pain returned and I had and MRI and another laproscopy to determine the extent of the disease, the results were Stage 4 endo, small chocolate cysts and adenomyosis. I had uterine atery embolisation for the adenomyosis in May which has relieved my symtoms massively. I have now received my surgery date for the end of August to remove the endo - my left ovary and bowel are stuck to my uterus and I have extensive growth throughout my stomach and pelvis but no growth in the bowel or bladder. Can anyone advise me as to how painful this surgery is likely to be, how long it may take to recover and anything I should be aware of.

Thank you all in advance.

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Hi I was dignosed last year with aheadions on the pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb seperated the aheadions and excised my endo while recovering I took peppermint tea for gas pain and keep on top of ur pain relief to I found that the shoulder pain was really sore as well good luck with ur op and wish u a speedy recovery xx


Hi there, I had my big endo on in April this year, my left ovary and uterus was stuck to my bowel and I had endo on various areas throughout my pelvis. They excised al of the endo and put my ovary/uterus back in the correct place. My op took about 7 hours, which they said was a bit longer than they thought it would be and I was in hospital for two days. In the end I needed about 9 weeks off work. I was quite sore afterwards and you will need some help at home for the first few weeks but you will get better each day. The first few days at home I felt quite sore on my back and had difficulty sleeping but I found that if I propped various pillows under my sides and back it seemed to work. My stomach was a bit upset afterwards as well so for the first few weeks I lived on toast, white ham sandwiches, cheese and crackers....very plain food with little fibre. We stocked up on some very plain ready meals which could just thrown in the oven. I was really scared before my op but feel so much better already, although I'm still zapped on energy. If you're unsure of anything afterwards just keep going back to see your gp. I was a little paranoid about getting infections after but going to see my GP for 10 mins gave me the reassurance that everything was OK. Good luck with everything xx


Thank you for your replies, the advice you have provided is very useful. I definitely found the peppermint tea helped after my last laproscopy so will get some in. The advice about the plian, low fibre foods is so helpful, thank you. My consultant seems to think my op will be about 4 hours, but you never know, hopefully it won't be seven hours, Steph it sounds like you had quite a rough time. Hopefully both of you are healthy and feeling well now and endo free xx


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