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First laparoscopy and found endo

Hi ladies, I finally had my lap yesterday at the BSGE centre in Colchester. As you may know I was terrified they weren't going to find anything. My fears were for nought. I went in and was petrified as I didn't get the surgeon I thought I was going to have. It turned out to be done by a locum surgeon but a quick Google search showed his speciality is minimal access surgery. He was really nice before the surgery and warned I may have my left ovary removed as it was going to be hard to take off the emdometrioma I had there.

Upon waking up I was told emdometrioma was removed but my ovary was still there and well (yay!). Endo was also found on bladder, bowel, uterosacral ligaments and diaphragm (hadn't heard of endo there until now). He believes he has excised every single nodule and I was under for hours. I am super sore today but the relief I feel at being diagnosed is immense. I also had a dye test done and I was told if we want children we should get on with it, alternatively they want to put me on induced menopause. We need to make decisions but for now I'm glad I will be fine for my wedding and honeymoon in 6 weeks time.

I hope you ladies have a pain free day,


Cat xx

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Glad all gone well and hope you have a lovely wedding and honeymoon. Wishing you a speedy recovery X

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glad it went well x


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