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Information for my partner

Hi, I am new to this page and I am slowly reading through some of the post written and it's nice to finally not feel isolated by this condition knowing that there are people I can reach out to and understand what I am going through.

My husband bless him tries to understand what I am going through and he is really supportive, but I want to know Are there any pages he can visit to arm him with more information about what is happening to me?? I feel at times that even though I feel like I am in hell (a bit dramatic I know, but true) it must be tough for him watching me go through this and not really understanding what's going on. Any advice??

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Hey there

Looks like me and him are on the same unfortunate boat

Yes he can refer to adenomyosis advice association

There are lot of YouTube videos as well

Hope you feel better soon


Thank you.

Did you find this information helpful?? I think at times he feels a bit lost and I don't want him to go through things that will make it more confusing.


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