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So scared for my laparoscopy:(

Hello, I finally have my laparoscopy on the 6th of feb, a week on Tuesday.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mum now, but I am terrified!

I’m scared about something going wrong, and the possibility of death!!

It probably sounds really pathetic but I’m so nervous and anxious I really do not know how I’m going to go through with it!

I worry about something bad happening and my son not having any parent as he has no contact with his bio father. I suffer from anxiety as it is, but this is just making things ten times worse!

There’s not much anyone can say to me, I know, but I just needed to write this all down! Xx

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First off I am sending you the biggest squishiest virtual hug ever!

I was really worried for my lap on 11th but try not to worry. Have you had general anesthestic before? Honestly the risk of anything major happening is so low. You will be sore and groggy but you will come out of it and be there for your little boy. Clinically, although a big deal to us, this isn't a major operation and I promise you will be fine and dandy after recovery.

I cried going into my op, I was terrified. So I know how you feel, I was so worried. But now I'm 2 1/2 weeks later wondering why I was so worried! My swelling has already gone down, stitches has dissolved and fallen off and I look normal again. My tummy is actually flatter as all the growths have been removed.

I hope you are ok and I really hope you feel better soon. Compared to other ops ours is so minor. It's keyhole and routine, to the surgeons is just another day in the office and nothing to worry about I promise.

I really hope you feel better about your op soon. If you like you can message me on here? Do you have received anyone going with you when u have your op?

Sending lots of cuddles and happy vibes. I know you will be fine, and when you wake up after your op you will wonder why you were so worried. Then get lots of gentle cuddles from your son to look forward to 😊 xxxxx

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Thank you so much for your lovely message!! It was really nice to wake up to.

I am a trained nurse and have actually been in theatre to help with laps. So I know exactly what is happening so I don’t know why I’m so nervous!!

I’ve had a general once when I was about 14, and I remember it actually being quite nice haha! I think I just worry too much, I’ve turned into such a worrier and over thinker since being a Mum!

My partner who I’ve been with since my son was young is taking me and my sons childminder is being so helpful too so that’s all good and sorted!

I think I’ve just been waiting for so long, it’s been cancelled three times so far!!

Also, my pains have really died down lately which makes me think that I’m wasting peoples time! Although it still really hurts to have sex, and also I bleed after. So I know something still isn’t right down there.

Thanks again I really appreciate it xxxx


Ah no way! I'm an oncology nurse! We are the worst patients as we have seen behind the scenes and know too much!!!

You're nervous because you are a human being about to have surgery, who ISN'T nervous for an operation!?!

You're allowed to be worried, allow yourself a little worry and then give yourself a strong talking to and try to calm down. That's great you have someone going with you. I had to wait a few hours til I was called into my op so took my partner and his mum with me for company and was so much better with them there. Ended up talking with my bfs mum about lampshades for about an hour!?! But took my mind off it and kept me calm. That's great your partner is going with you so you can have a hand to cold or someone to cuddle (better than virtual ones!!)

I was the same with my pain!! I think I might have relaxed a bit knowing the op was coming? So felt like a bit of a fraud even though I KNOW there was something wrong. Also, sorry if it's tmi, but as someone who has had very painful sex through this illness.. if they can remove it like they removed mine... You are in for a treat when you are well enough for intimacy again!! I had forgotten what sex could be like without the pain. Something else to look forward to after your op.

Let.me know how you get on, you are allowed to worry but honestly you will be fine lovely xxxxx

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In my experience the people who do the anaesthetic are lovely and try their best to make you feel at ease and befor you know it you are waking up. Just remember all the staff do these operations several times a day. I know you will be anxious, we all are especially if its your first operation of this kind but just remember that you are having this because you need it and when you are recovered from the operation you'll be in a better place to get on with your life with your son. You could also call the hospital and tell them in advance how nervous you are and I'm sure they will be extra sensitive with you. I hope all goes well. xx

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Hi hun

Sending big big hugs !!! I don't have my lap till the 8th of Feb. I'm more nervous about what they will or will not find than the opp itself. I remember when I had my first spinal opp I was so worried about it. That was Magor surgery and I was in intensive care for days. Before the opp I told all the medical people how I felt and I can say that they were really good at putting my mind at rest.

Please tell who every you can once your at the hospital they will talk through things with you. Even though I have already had 8 opps. Spinal and brain surgery. I am worried about the laparoscopy only because of the un known. I like to know every detail but of causes every one is different and cope with pain in a different way. I promise you once you have it done and got the first few days out the way you will feel glad that you have done it.

For me it's the waiting .... the big count down !!! Have you had your pre opp yet ? Thus would also be a good time to talk about how you feel.

If you don't have it done you will never know what is causing your symptoms.

If you have any thing you want to ask about being put under ask away .

Big hugs hun it will be over before you know it xxxx

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Hi love I had a laparoscopy a few years back via keyhole surgery and he freed my womb and bowel from sticking to each other for him to do that he had to make a second small hole but when I woke I was absolutely fine and recovered very well. My bowel and womb ended up sticking back together and 3 years later I had a hysterectomy that was 2 years ago now. Everyone is nervous about these things. Good luck xx


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