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Birth control options to suppress endo?

I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen and various other pills before stopping to start a family, then endo exploded in my body. Diagnosed Stage 4 and had multiple surgeries. Lost my left ovary, Fallopian tube, portions of my lower colon, appendix, etc. It was everywhere and had formed a web over my organs and fused them to the left side of my abdomen.

After recovering I was placed on NuvaRing, which worked to regulate the periods but I was still in lots of pain. A pelvic floor therapist recently told me I needed to remove the ring because my pelvic muscles were in such spasm that it was literally pushing out the ring and causing it to press into my bladder. I'm not a good candidate for Mirena coil and I refuse to do Lupron. Any suggestions?

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The only thing I works suggest is what they tried.

Staying on the birth control pill continuously no breaks for periods.

There is no reason to have a period every month

In fact a cycle after cycle is not how we were made .

If you took the pill and had no cycles for over a year then I'm surprised that all that stuff happened . Perhaps it was late stage.

But other than cut it out which we have seen does not work I don't know what else besides giving your body a break from cycles for long enough that you start to breathe .

That you start to remember the way life was before endo .

So I have no advise .

Because I strongly believe in stopping cycles long enough to feel like you again .

IVF when ready to conceive

If I'm way off here please feel free to tell me .

This has been my experience .

An endo speculate not a obgyn not a famiky dr not a general surgeon

A specialist in this ENDO field is what I would say to anyone . It's what I wish had been available to me at the time .

There are no promises that you'll be perfect and pain free forever but with a speciallst in ENDO you have got half a fighting chance .


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