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Has anyone else's pain gone a lot worse?

Hi. I have been dianosed with endo stage 4. Had various treatments none of which have worked. I'm waiting to see consultant next month however woke up in the night with the worst pain I have ever had with it. I sneezed this morning and felt like I had been stabbed and couldn't breathe for about 10 seconds. I can't stand or move hardly. I usually have severe pain but manage throu but this is horrendous. Has anyone else's pain dramatically worsened overnight like this?

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Do you have a cyst that could of ruptured?


Not sure that hasn't happened before so could be.



Sorry to hear you are having this pain, I hope you can get some relief asap. I wonder if they might be able to bring your appointment forward with your consultant? fingers crossed X

I'm stage 4 also, and until a few weeks ago have never had much in the way of pain outside my period week, but then after trying to conceive again last month (sorry tmi!) I woke at 4 in the morning 2 nights running with these really bad stomach pains. It didn't feel like the pain you get when you have a stomach bug, but similar to period pains which seemed to get more intense and were incapacitating.

Last week I had some weird cold /flu thing and had these same stomach pains on Thursday night. Scared it's the start of a more regular thing.

I hope you can get relief for this though. I'm wondering if it might be cyst related also. X X X X


I have always struggled with pain but don't really know what's going on. Hope things settle down with you and you have some positive news soon. Fingers crossed for you Hun xxx

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Sorry to be naive, but what is stage 4? I've been reading up as very new to this whole idea, but haven't come across anything about stages. I'm going for a lap soon, to potentially diagnose and treat but they suspect endometriosis.

Hope you find the answer to your pain. xx


Hi. Stage 4 is severe the worst. Xx


That's exactly how I've been I've had really bad pain for 5 days now and since yesterday I can barely move or walk a heat pad is the only comfort I'm getting atm x x


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