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I have recently gone back onto a gluten free diet and have set out a diet plan and worked out things that i can eat and snack wise also.. i have tried gluten free a few months ago and also noticed a difference.. this time i have stuck to it properly and i love it. i have always been one of the really unlucky ones when it comes to having pain during sex... however, tonight was the first time iv had sex since iv been back on gluten free and i had zero pain.. i was so happy.. i wont be giving up gluten free again.. i had forgotten what painless sex felt like.. just wanted to share incase anyone else has tried this or wants to try gluten free :) its worth it!!

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Hey, great news! i'm glad it worked for you, i have gluten sensitivity so I'm on GF diet and i know how great is not to have bloating and less endo pain.

I think it was the main thing that made me be painkillers free and tolerate endo pain only with heat pads :) xx

Awww thats great JoJo :) i cant believe i had no pain what so ever... i am used to having pain every single time, some times are worse than others..but still every time... but tonight there was none.. i was very happy :) thanks for replying, i hope your doing well too xx

Could you tell me what do you eat in place of bread on a gluten free diet. Is Rye or Soda bread gluten free or maybe Oatcakes?

There is gluten free bread, like Genius and DS, but every supermarket has its own GF bread in their "free from" section. It is trial and error to see which one you like the most, I have a breadmaker and I have made occassionaly my own GF bread. x

For those of you looking to follow a gluten free diet there is a forum on here called Gluten Free Guerrillas, I have endo and am coeliac so am GF. You may find this helpful.

Wow great news! Just wondering, how long were you on the gluten free diet before you started to notice a difference?

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