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Has sub total hysterectomy a week ago yesterday with extensive endo removal and surprise appendix removal. Odd temperature?

I had my hysterectomy due to very heavy bleeding, had endo removed at the same time, tons of it, things were more complicated than first expected, endo everywhere, one ovary was stuck to uterus, stuck to appendix and surrounded by a massive cyst so they took appendix out too. Spent ages removing endo.

Being hit by a train wouldn't even describe the first few days, all of my plans for eating well and peppermint tea went out of the window when I got hideous nausea, every movement, smell, food drink was unbearable. Anti sickness meds couldn't help, couldn't take my iron tablets, I just lay still in the dark with a breeze crying a lot just about managed crushed painkillers. No tv, I couldn't stand it.

Things have got a little better since the weekend, still feel like hell but feel I am turning a corner, getting out of bed easier and eating fruit and ice lolly's and small nibbles of other things.

Still have hideous wind pain but the weird thing is it gets worse about 4-9pm every day, I have a few hours where I just want to scream, cry, can't get comfy and my temperature goes up a bit 38.00 - 38.4ish. It always goes back down and I have no other signs of infection, no redness, discharge, blood pressure is fine. Then I get back to feeling a bit better, still rubbish but okay. Has anyone else experienced anything like it?

I feel like such a whinge, I can see things are getting slowly and steadily better and I know it was a big op, I just feel alone with all this


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Did you stay in hospital for long? Have you told the doctors about this? Are you taking any antibiotics? It sounds like it could just be your body adjusting to a big change, but equally if you are showing signs of infection such as nausea and fever, there could be something internal that they need to know about - keep them informed of how you feel at the least.

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Stayed one night! I spoke to Gp about nausea on weds but not temperature, I didn't notice it so much then. Now nausea is much better but I'm still very fussy about food and drink and don't want much. Just feel horrid and totally out of sorts. Probably doesn't help it's July and I'm on a mountain of pillows trying to get comfy! Xx


I'm so sorry, what a huge HUGE op!! One thing is in general, grant yourself a little slack because you've been through the wars. Your body will take some time to settle. Have you had both ovaries removed? (Sorry if I missed that!)

Could it be in any way hormone related (or lack of)?

Hang in there hon xx

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I kept one ovary, the one that was stuck to appendix, God knows how but that one was in a better state than the other which they couldn't even see as is was so covered in endo. I did wonder if someone of it might be hormone related. I think I would have been due a period about now too xx


I have a completely uneducated thought that this may play some part in it, only because I'm in the same boat about 13 months ahead of you (though they left my appendix once they saw it was grossly normal in my case). I know everyone is going to have different experiences in recovery and in the long term, but if it's anY consolation I can feel hormonal fluctuations now though I still don't know where my cycle is, and I can see outer signs of hormonal fluctuations (spots, bloating, bowels feeling sluggish), and my perceived temperature (I've never measured it) fluxuates more too. I'm warmer than I used to be!

Speak with the docs, just in case there's some low grade infection. I hope you're ok xx


Thank you, it is good to know what others experience. Perhaps I will call Gp just to see what they think. If it was constant temp or higher I would have sought help asap, just bizarre because it goes and the rest of the time I can see I'm gradually improving. I realised I must be on the mend when I could type on this forum, 3 days ago the thought and the effort of it would have been too much! I also have thyroid problems, I wonder if having op has put that out of whack too which wouldn't help. Thanks again. I do appreciate your thoughts xx

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