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Bladder problem help

Hi everyone i didn't know where to post this but here goes i am 33 years old and i have overactive bladder this has missed up my life i cant sleep probably everytime i go to lay down i have to get back up to pee this has been going on for 1 year and a half i have two kids and i work its affecting my work also and at times its hard to walk...my bladder feels like its going to burst if i dont get to the washroom in time someone please help i really dont want surgery to correct this

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Have a look at interstitial cystitis. Diagnosis is by cystoscopy and once confirmed is manageable by meds but not curable.


Thank you soo much for the reply i went to the doc today and he gived me some samples

of myrbetriq mirabegron will this help


That was one of the meds which did not work for me. If you have IC you really need a cystoscopy for diagnosis, its like having endo, you need a laparoscopy to be sure. I wasted the best part of a year trying different meds, it was only when they all failed that I had a cystoscopy. See how the meds go and if you are still suffering ask for a referral to a urologist or a urogynae. I was lucky in some respects as I was private through work and my consultant is a urogynae.


At least your GP listened, mine told me I was too young to have IC and should be in my 70s!! I was referred to gynae due to other issues with painful periods and bleeding in between. As well as IC I also have ademyosis, multiple fibroids, endometriosis and polyps. I have also been told that if you have IC then you most probably have endo.


Hey thanks for replying this really helps thank you

So yeah i have been seeing a urologist hes the one that prescribe that medicine for me ....and am going to see a gynecologist soon to see if i should get surgery to correct my bladder ....i am soo tired with this bladder problem and i really dont want to do surgery soo question are you better now or are you still going through it?


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