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With my boyfriend and myself apart for three weeks due to holidays, o find myself lost without my usual support system. I'm beginning to worry that I'm maybe relying on my SO too much and my brain has gone into overdrive about it.

I've been a horrible person this week. I'm fighting through the worst period I've had in a while, with pain that only co-codamol takes te edge off. My emotions have been all over the place and I feel like I've been really needed yet simultaneously nasty. The added stress of the buildup to my diagnostic laparoscopy isn't helping either.

Me and my SO love each other and would do anything for one another. But how much support is too much to rely on? Should I maybe take some of my need for support elsewhere? I'm worried that I'm becoming too reliant on him in this awful stressful time.

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I can relate to how your feeling, I was exactly the same on the lead up to my lap in April and also after it. I felt really needed and just wanted my husband to be at home with me all the time! He was fantastic during the whole time and so were my mum and dad.

I had the same worries as you, that I was putting too much pressure on him and I did try and talk to him about it but he just said he wanted to be there as much as he could. I am sure your boyfriend is exactly the same but if you are worried then just have a chat with him about it. You don't need the added stress of worrying about this with everything else you are going through.

Stay strong xx

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Its a tough one isn't it? I think there is a fine balance that can be tipped into 'carer' if not careful. Being quite a feisty, independent individual, I sometimes would rather crawl over glass than ask for help from my husband!

I know this can be exasperating when he says 'but why didnt you just ASK me?!' Other times I feel as pathetic as an asthmatic kitten & want his help. Mixed messages much?!

Do you have a friend who understands & gets it? Especially during a particularly stressful time, another person helps.



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