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Good morning all you wonderful strong ladies out there.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Steph, I live in Glasgow and have been living with an Endo diagnosis for a few years now.

I'm looking forward to travelling down to Manchester for the info session and for the chance to meet some other Endo ladies, as it feels like i've been on my own with this for quite some time. I will be doing some group leader training which will hopefully lead to me founding a support group in Glasgow City.

Is there anyone on this page who lives in Glasgow who would like to attend a group in the summer time? This group could be for support and to raise awareness......Let's make some Endo noise!!

If so......get in touch :)



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maybe should have posted this in QUESTIONS.....i'm learning ;)

Hi stepth

I,m in Edinburgh but would love to join your group if possible

SJ xxxx

Lynne_supportAdministrator in reply to endosarah

HI Steph

We also have a lady from Edinburgh coming to the traiing this weekend so hopefully we will aslo have a group there as well.

Liz Rickarby

Endo UK

Hi Sarah. That's great. The group is not 100% confirmed yet, however I'm hoping that once I've had my group leader training on Sunday I'll get the go ahead from Endo Uk.

I'll be in touch


That's great news Liz

Hi Steph,

Im in Glasgow and would love to join the group. I just joined the site a few days ago and it feels good to talk about endo to women who know.


Hi Emma,

I too have just became active on the sight and I share your feelings about how good it is to talk. Hopefully we can get a group up and running in Glasgow in the very near future and find somewhere nice to talk some more.

I'll be in touch

Hi Steph

I'm a Glasgow girl too and would be interested in joining the group. X

Excellent. Glad to hear it. I'll be getting touch with everyone who's shown interest very soon to see when would be best to hold it

Hi Steph

I also live in Glasgow and I heve severe endo which cannot be operated on as its deemed too dangerous as I have other conditions.

I am getting no where with doctors or surgeons and my work life has become difficult due to my persistant absences.

At 39 I am struggling to accept that this is my life now.

I would love to know more about what you are doing to raise awareness of this life changing illness and how I can help.

Much Love

Lisa x

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